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Alfa Romeo Castello: X5 competitor from 2027

The Stellantis brand Alfa Romeo wants to expand its SUV portfolio and launch a large SUV in 2027. This was confirmed by Alfa CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato in an interview with the Dutch "Autoweek".

"I haven't told anyone this yet, but since I want to be the global premium brand of Stellantis and everyone in the world knows our brand, I want to launch a high-end SUV. How exactly do we do that make is still a question, but besides a D-segment model, there will also be an E-segment car with very high performance.The question I asked myself was: `Do we want to remain a European brand or do we want to enter the most profitable segment in the world?´ The answer was: `We are betting on the most profitable segment.´ This means that we are targeting models such as the X5, X6 and the 7 series from BMW.This decision was made recently and will allow us to to penetrate growth markets like China". When asked when the big Alfa will be launched, Imparato answered succinctly: "2027".

Alfa Castello is the number 4 SUV

Exactly at this point in time, Alfa is planning to only offer electric vehicles in Europe, the USA and China - from 2024 onwards, the traditional brand (see photo show) wants to begin to increasingly electrify its series. The company's motto is: "From 2024, Alfa Becomes Alfa e-Romeo". With the large SUV, which according to rumors could be called "Castello", Alfa has four SUVs. The Alfa Tonale has only just been launched on the "Small Wide" - or SCCS (Small Common Components and Systems) platform, on which the Jeep Compass is already based.

After the compact SUV, Alfa will push the Alfa Brennero onto the ramp next year as a 2024 model. The SUV in the Small car format (B-segment) is the first model that is created under the aegis of Imparato.Temporarily, the Brennero builds on the e-CMP platform like the Fiat 500x or the Jeep Renegade.Only later does the model then switch to the STLA platform Small basis.

Castello on the STLA Large platform

On the other side of the Tonale, Alfa will then position the new generation of the Stevio on the STLA Large platform. And the Alfa Castello planned for 2027 should then also be based on this technical basis set up - presumably as a purely electric model. It is uncertain whether the large Alfa SUV will actually bear the name Castello, although the model name fits well into the SUV range. All four SUVs were or will be named after famous mountain passes. The name also quotes the Castello Sfortzeso, a palace complex in Milan's old town - this is where the Alfa brand originated.

By the way: The D model promised in the interview is the successor to the Giulia. The model will also receive the STLA platform as a technical substructure and will be delivered to customers by 2024 at the latest.

,Editor's note: The lead image shows an early Alfa Tonale drawing.


Alfa boss Jean-Philippe Imparato continues to work on the future of his brand, which he sees as a global premium brand - and he has identified BMW as a competitor. With the large SUV “Castello”, he probably wants to poach purely electrically in the territory of the large Bavarian SUVs from 2027. The brand would then be a veritable SUV manufacturer with four models in the relevant segments - and at the same time the brand uses synergies from the huge Stellantis cosmos.


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