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Airways U5 - From China to Germany purely electrically

From China to Germany electrically
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14,231 kilometers are ahead of the two U5 - that's the model name of the rein electrically powered SUV, with which the Chinese startup A iways wants to go to Germany. Permanently on their own, the cars should be in Frankfurt on time for the IAA in September. The route leads through the Gobi Desert, which is partly located in China, through Kazakhstan from the end of July and then through Russia including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It continues via Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark to Germany.

On the old Silk Road

The starting point on July 17th was in the central Chinese city of Xian, which is also the starting point of the old Silk Road was. How the Chinese want to recharge their two SUVs in areas without charging infrastructure, such as the Gobi desert, they have not yet revealed. During the journey, engineers are there to test the entire electric drive train, the steering and the chassis of the vehicles. The tour is not only intended to prove the suitability of electric SUVs for everyday use, but also serve as a promotional campaign: Sales of Aiways models will start in Europe in April 2020.

The U5 is comparable in size to the VW Tiguan. The engine of the SUV, which is driven via the front axle, has an output of 140 kilowatts (190 hp) and generates a maximum torque of 315 Newton meters. According to the manufacturer, it has a range of 460 kilometers, after which test cycle is unknown. A larger battery for a range of 560 kilometers is optionally available. Aiways has not yet announced the prices.


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