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Adventum SUV Coupé: Two-door Range Rover

Niels van Roij
Adventum SUV Coupé (2020)
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D he idea had charm: In front of you Year Land Rover introduced the Range Rover SV Coupé with two doors and a tailgate. Not as a concept study, but as a finished car that was to be produced in an edition of 999 copies. Fans of the brand cheered and cheered, ultimately reviving the original Range Rover, which was also only launched with two doors in 1970, which remained so until 1981. Land Rover was able to sell the first copies of the SV Coupé quickly. But at the end of January the bad news came: The project died for economic reasons, the British prefer to invest the little money that is currently left in the development of future models.

Handcrafted and with official permission

But it is often the case that a new opportunity opens up when a door closes somewhere. The designer and coachbuilder Niels van Roij took it directly and is now simply building the two-door Range Rover himself. The Dutchman wants to have a total of 100 examples of the Adventum SUV Coupé built in his London workshop - by hand and with official permission from Jaguar Land Rover.

Niels van Roij
In order to convert a four-door into a two-door Range Rover, extensive body work is necessary.

The Adventum is based on the four-door Range Rover, the body of which is cut open. The harmonious design of the new edition remains correspondingly close to the original, with the aluminum body now having significantly larger doors. For this it is necessary to move the B-pillar to the rear. The luxury SUV loses above the shoulder linealso his C-pillar. This enables a continuous side window from the new B-pillar to the rear. The Adventum SUV Coupé only takes over the bonnet, the front fenders and the tailgate from the production car.

Everything can be completely individualized

Each car is exclusively made to order. This means that every customer can have their own ideas implemented in terms of paintwork, body accessories and interior design: 'Everything is possible, from polished wood to personalized door sills and leather in unusual colors to sophisticated embroidery,' says van Roij. The tweed fabric, which is so popular in Great Britain, or other exotic materials such as teak or lambswool can also be used here.

The first piece presented is painted in “Arctic White” on the outside, has a red leather interior and is presented lots of teak on the floor - even in the front footwells and trunk. Black piano lacquer determines the look on the dashboard, while the rear passengers sit on individual, electrically adjustable “Captain's Chairs”.

Niels van Roij
The debut has teak in the footwell . If you like it ...

The Adventum costs 270,000 euros

The Adventum SUV Coupé is of course based on the Range Rover -Top model with five-liter V8 gasoline engine with supercharging. Nothing is known about an increase in performance, but the standard values ​​of 525 hp and a maximum of 625 Newton meters also look good on the two-door variant. Of course, the engine transfers its power to all four wheels.

The price of the Adventum SUV Coupé is at least 270,000 euros. The Range Rover SV Coupé was originally supposed to cost 291,000 euros. The exact price depends on the basic car and its exact engine as well as on the customer's extra wishes. By the way, he has to pay 50,000 euros down payment and wait about six months for his car.


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