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Abt Audi Q8 (2019): Tuning for the SUV coupé

Abt Audi Q8 50 TDI (2019)
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Aero package and engine tuning for the A udi Q8: Abt puts the SUV coupé on 22-inch wheels, lowers the body, refines the interior with carbon panels and tunes the three-liter diesel to 330 hp. With an additional control unit, the output of the Audi Q8 50 TDI increases from the standard 286 to 330 hp. The torque increases by 50 to 650 Nm. Abt also uses electronics to lower the body. In the wheel arches are matt black 22-inch GR wheels; In Geneva, however, the Allgäu tuner is also showing a 23-inch wheel.

Optic tuning with front and rear aprons

Abt tunes the Audi Q8 50 TDI to 330 PS.

The body components are complete executed in glossy black. These include a front apron attachment with a front sword and air inlet panels, a rear apron set with fins and a roof spoiler. Abt modified the interior with carbon covers for the dashboard, seat frames and selector lever. When the door is opened, the door entry lighting projects the tuner's logo onto the asphalt. The engine tuning costs 2,990 euros, plus 181 euros for assembly and 90 euros for the TÜV approval - in total, the increase in performance comes to 3,261 euros. For 300 euros, Abt offers a 12-month extended guarantee.

Wheels for 7,069 euros

The 22-inch wheel set is available in glossy black and matt black, it costs including tires ( 285/40 R22) and track widening 6,790 euros. Assembly, TÜV and tire pressure sensors cost an additional 279 euros. Abt charges 390 euros for the selector lever cap and the door entry lighting is 49 euros in the tuner's price list.


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