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Abbot Cupra Ateca: It's only over at 255 km / h

Abbot Cupra Ateca
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With the label Cupra, S eat launched an extremely sporty sub-brand, the only model of which is currently the Cupra Ateca is. Tuner Abt shows what reserves are still in this power SUV with his interpretation.

With an additional engine control unit, the output of the two-liter turbo gasoline engine increases from the standard 300 HP and 400 Nm to 350 HP and 440 Nm. With this increase in performance, the top speed of the four-cylinder increases from 247 to 255 km /h. In return, the sprint time drops from 5.2 to 5.0 seconds.

There was also more work in the chassis area. Here the Cupra is allowed to carry its own 20-inch alloy wheels with ten forked spokes that are fitted with 235/35 tires. In addition, Abt installs shorter suspension springs.

Abt has not yet given prices for the tuning components. It will be the premiere of the Abt Cupra Ateca at the Essen Motor Show.


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