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2020 Cadillac XT5: US premium brand refreshes SUV

General Motors
Cadillac XT5 model year 2020
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According to Cadillac, the X T5 the world's best-selling model of the US premium brand. The General Motors subsidiary goes to great lengths to keep the mid-range SUV fresh with regular model updates. Now the XT5 is getting a profound facelift, which includes design retouching as well as technical changes - including a new drive.

Minor optical changes

A total of 40 updates will be required Cadillac the XT5. Few of them concern body design. Most noticeable is the refreshing design on the radiator grille, which - depending on the equipment - is now available in two different versions: in a black wire mesh look or in a glossy 3D look. The styling of the front and rear aprons and the design of the 18- and 20-inch rims are also new.

General Motors
Outwardly little changes in the facelift of the Cadillac XT5.

In addition, Cadillac is reorganizing the equipment lines. Even the basic model is nicknamed 'Luxury', and above it are the 'Sport' (rather dark and aggressive) and 'Premium Luxury' versions with a light and comfort-oriented cut. The model variants should also show their different characters in terms of driving dynamics: with more direct steering, tighter adaptive suspension with situation-dependent damper control and actively controlled all-wheel drive, the sports version wants the driver to be more involved in the action, while the other two XT5 models tend to keep the driver away from the hecticWant to decouple the outside world. The Platinum package is also available for all equipment lines and represents the top of the equipment options offered.

More assistance systems, better connectivity

Depending on the equipment variant, the new Cadillac XT5 stronger inside than before. But they all have the new center console with additional storage compartments and other cup holders, heated front seats and improved acoustic insulation in common. A Bose sound system with a stronger sound is optionally available. In contrast, LED headlights with IntelliBeam function are now part of the standard equipment, the automatic parking assistant with braking function has been improved and the pedestrian warning when reversing and the optional night vision function set the available assistance systems to 20.

General Motors
The eight-inch touchscreen including navigation system is standard on board.

More important for many is the extensively improved infotainment system. The standard infotainment system with navigation system and central eight-inch touchscreen, which also delivers the images from the reversing and 360-degree cameras in HD, can now also be operated with a rotary controller on the center console. Smartphones should now be easier to pair (also via Apple Carplay and Android Auto) and can also be charged wirelessly. There are also new USB connections as well as digital instead of analog instruments, a WLAN hotspot and apps offered by Cadillac.

New four-cylinder turbo as the basic engine

The most important innovation, however, is the new basic engine . The two-liter, four-cylinder petrol engine with twin-scroll turbocharger has an output of 241 hp and a maximum torque of 350 Newton meters. From now on, the luxury equipment is only equipped with the engine. The standard engine for the sport version is the 314 hp 3.6-liter V6 with a maximum of 367 Nm. Only the Premium Luxury variant can be selected with both engines, each with cylinder deactivation. Both the four- and six-cylinder are onCoupled nine-speed automatic transmission.

The Cadillac XT5 of the 2020 model year will be launched on the market in late summer. Cadillac has not yet commented on prices. Nothing is known about the market launch in Europe either.


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