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Zero to 60 Designs GTT: Super sports car shouldn't be called Ford

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Zero to 60 Designs GTT
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P The highly acclaimed GTT celebrated the remiere at the Sema still as a Mustang GTT. The attention for the mix of Ford Mustang and Ford GT reached the Ford headquarters in Dearborn. There they were not very enthusiastic that the GTT was nicknamed Mustang and sent their lawyers out. The Sema 2016 is history, the legal dispute is obviously settled, because the Mustang GTT only became the GTT.

A lot of Mustang and a little Ford GT

The name change has been given to the super sports car itself taken nothing of its fascination. The Ford five-liter V8 was combined with a compressor, a new engine management system and a sports exhaust, bringing it to 800 hp and 950 Nm of torque. For the chassis, Zero to 60 Designs uses Eibach components, the 6-piston stoppers in the family pizza format come from the Brembo shelf. The wheel arches are filled with 22-inch alloy wheels.

The GTT is also visually thick. The front apron consists almost exclusively of ventilation shafts. The engine hood is also perforated by two powerful ventilation ducts. The front and rear wheel arches are widely exposed and connected by lavishly widened side skirts. There are also vent and ventilation gills. At the rear, the proximity to the Ford GT is evident. The four round taillights take two vent gills in the pliers. Above that, a spoiler skirt forms the rear end. In the basement, a diffuser with a double-pipe exhaust dominates.

In 2017, Zero to 60 Designs plans to launch the GTT in a small series. The prices for the American conversions start at around 125,000 dollars for the GTT, the GTT-S is available from 142,500 dollars, the GTT-SL from 149,000 dollars.


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