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Wiesmann comeback: Extensive further development of sports cars

Wiesmann comeback
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D he new man at the top of Wiesmann's management has been since 1 October 2016 Mario Spitzner, who was employed at Mercedes-AMG until 2014. As the new managing director, he should put the sports car manufacturer back on the road to success.

New technology, new materials

When the new strategy was presented in February 2017, the new Wiesmann boss revised the original plan to subject the previous models to a technical revision. Spitzner: “Our new product strategy and the opening up of international markets require a profound further development of the previous vehicle concept - starting with the technology up to new materials. In November last year (2016) the starting shot was given for the completely new development of the future Wiesmann model. The Wiesmann-specific sports car genes naturally play a central role here - and we will carefully develop the characteristic Wiesmann design '.

Continue with BMW M engines

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
M GmbH from BMW supplies Wiesmann V8 engines for the new models.

Actually, the new Wiesmann model should have been presented at the end of 2016, then 2017 was named for the presentation. Now September 2019 seems to have been set. Wiesmann has published a first teaser picture on his website and announced a lot of new content for September 2019.

What the change in technology and materials means was far from certain. So far, the Wiesmann models have been based on drive technology from BMW, a steel chassis and bodies made of GRP. It is now clear that the new Wiesmann models will again rely on BMW power. BMWand Wiesmann have now signed a new series development and delivery contract. In future, BMW M GmbH will supply the sports car manufacturer with V8 engines. In which specification is not yet known. The only current V8 engines from M GmbH are in the M models X5, X6, 6 Series and the new M5. In the old specification, the 4.4-liter V8 biturbo has 600 hp and 700 Nm in the 6 and 575 hp and 750 Nm in the X models, while the new M5 has up to 625 hp and 750 Nm. The old seven-speed dual clutch transmission or the new eight-speed automatic are available as shift options. With the continued use of BMW units, the proven engine position should remain - namely at the front. It is not known whether Wiesmann also adapted BMW's all-wheel drive - as installed in the new M5. A 4.4-liter V8 biturbo from BMW with 555 hp was already used in the last MF5.

The Wiesmann Spyder study from 2011 could serve as the basis for the new model.

In February 2016, the Münster District Court rejected the objection to the sale of Wiesmann to the brothers Roheen (36) and Sahir Berry (30), thus creating security for the Rescht. This was preceded by the sale approval of the creditors' meeting in December, which was delayed due to the contradiction of 'one individual'.

Offer by Chinese investor caused delays

In the announcement of the two new British investors The owner said: “The legal uncertainty has delayed our previous plans. We are now very happy about the final confirmation from the regional court. Now it is clear: there will be sports cars made in Dülmen again. Until then, we will literally give full throttle. We will do everything we can to make up for the lost time in order to present a new vehicle by the end of 2016 ', comments Anita Tatalovic, Managing Director.

Even before the creditors' meeting on December 2, 2015, there was trouble with a Chinese investor . This should have put a higher offer for Wiesmann on the table. According to insider information, however, various large creditors, including BMW, were skeptical of the financial investor Sinfonie Investment. TheThe company is managed by Freeman Shen, who was previously responsible for building up the Volvo brand in China at the Chinese automaker Geely.

The Berry brothers have been in business contact with Wiesmann for a long time

Roheen and Sahir Berry have in addition to 'Wiesmann Automotive GmbH' for 'the design, planning, manufacture and sale of sports cars, special and accessory parts, tuning as well as related business and the implementation of events for the purpose of customer loyalty and new customer acquisition' 'Wiesmann Immobilien GmbH' was founded for the purpose of holding and managing properties, and 'Wiesmann International GmbH' was founded for marketing license rights.

The investors have selected the company property, the trademark rights and the production company of Wiesmann's insolvency estate. A higher seven-digit amount was agreed for the purchase of the name and trademark rights, the production facilities and the Wiesmann property.

During the realignment of the automobile manufacture, the entrepreneurs are working closely with the company founders, the brothers Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann, together. The entrepreneurs and the Wiesmann company have had a long-term business relationship. In 2012, the brothers had already started talks to set up Wiesmann sales branches in England and India. From these discussions, the plan grew to develop right-hand drive models together with the then Wiesmann GmbH. After Wiesmann GmbH went bankrupt, these plans were put on hold for the time being. Together, the brothers developed a viable concept to revive the brand at the Dülmen location and contacted the insolvency administrator.

Roheen and Sahir Berry are involved in various companies around the world, including in the fields of security technology, agriculture and energy , Infrastructure and hospitality, primarily in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Sahir Berry is also a partner in the sports car and super sports car company Sportwagen Performance in New Delhi.


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