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Wheelsandmore Nissan GT-R 'CrankZilla': In stages to 740 hp

Wheelsandmore Nissan GT-R 'CrankZilla'
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I n the first performance level tuner Wheelsandmore is suspending Baesweiler near Aachen in the west of the Rhine only needs optimized software for the engine control and a higher-throughput F1 air filter kit. This should increase the performance of the 3.6 liter V6 biturbo engine from the standard 520 PS and 637 Nm torque to 605 PS and 700 Nm.

If stage two is ignited, sports catalysts are also used which also ensure more throughput on the exhaust side. The power climbs further to 630 hp and the torque only peaks at 800 Nm. Stage three already brings 650 hp and 830 Nm of torque. Replacement pipes for the catalytic converters are installed here, and the flap exhaust system of the GT-R is modified.

Up to 740 hp and 900 Nm torque

In the fourth expansion stage, the turbochargers are also replaced, other wastegate cans and more powerful fuel pumps installed. With sports catalytic converters and adapting the transmission control, around 700 hp and 850 Nm are generated.

Wheelsandmore calls the fifth and ultimate performance level “CrankZilla”. Building on level four, the catalytic converters are completely removed and the engine control is further adapted to the new framework conditions. The result is 740 hp and 900 Nm of torque on the performance diagram.

For the gear train, Wheelsandmore relies on F.I.W.E. forged rims. The three-part wheels measure 9.5x21 inches on the steering axle and an impressive 11.0x21 inches on the rear axle. 255/35 tires at the front and 295/30 rollers at the rear ensure contact with the road. Wheelsandmore adapted the rim stars analogous to the advertising lettering and the brake system in a color mixture of bronze and copper and finalized the outer rim wells with a discreetly elegant carbon look surface. The visual appearance is rounded off by height-adjustable lowering springs from KW, which reduce the center of gravity of the racer by around 30 mm.


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