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Used cars Audi A4 convertible in the deficiency report

Used vehicle Audi A4 convertible in deficiency report
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Open and honest is probably the best description for the Audi A 4 Cabrio . The four-seater is a true model boy in terms of reliability. 83.8 percent of all models between 50,000 and 100,000 kilometers examined by Dekra were completely free of defects during the demonstration.

The most common is the 163 hp four-cylinder

The electrically operated fabric roof has also proven to be durable. But not only the processing quality of the generation introduced in 2002 is impressive, but also the torsion-resistant body and the increased space compared to the predecessor. With 47,600 registrations in Germany, the convertible produced by Karmann is by no means a rarity, but is relatively seldom on the second-hand market due to the long holding period. The most common of the numerous engines is models with the 163 hp 1.8 liter four-cylinder.

According to mobile.de, the used diesel variant costs around 18,000 euros

Just behind in popularity is the two-liter (200 PS ). The V6 petrol engines with 170, 220 and 255 hp as well as the top V8 models S4 (344 hp) and RS4 with 420 hp are just a marginal phenomenon. Among the three diesel variants offered since the facelift in 2005, the 2.0 TDI (140 PS) is clearly ahead of the brothers with 180 (2.7 TDI) and 233 PS (3.0 TDI).

According to an evaluation by the Internet car exchange Mobile.de, used diesel versions built in 2003 cost around 18,000 euros, petrol engines are around 1,000 euros cheaper. If it is a facelift model with the one-piece radiator grille (from September 2005), you have to budget at least 25,000 euros. At the end of production, there are currently more company cars up to one year old at prices starting at around 30,000 euros.


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