Used car Ferrari F430 in the defect report

Used Ferrari F430 in deficiency report
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If the Sandman means well with a sports car fan, he will give him the following dream: At the wheel of a Ferrari he dives through serpentines and lets the gears off with the paddle on the steering wheel Shoot sequential F1 gearbox, feel the thrust of the insane turning 4.3-liter V8 and hear its animal roar. And if the income means well, then the dream can even be realized: with a used F 430 .

F430 also used still expensive

You won't find anything in the five-digit euro range even on the private market. However, the prices of the F430 could drop in the coming months, because Ferrari the successor model at the IAA 458 Italia . Quite a few owners will trade in their F430 in the foreseeable future. The safest purchase is through an official dealer who gives a guarantee of up to three years on technically checked used vehicles. But even those who opt for a cheaper offer from private sources should urgently have the pending customer service carried out in the authorized workshop.

Engine and gearbox mostly healthy

This is the only way for the buyer to receive all the technical improvements that Ferrari since the introduction of the mid-engine two-seater in 2004. In the following year, for example, more stable exhaust brackets were installed on the tailpipes; before they were just as tearing a weak point as the elbows. In mid-2006, additional heat shields followed in the engine compartment to protect hydraulic lines. In addition, the ignition coils were protected from penetrating moisture with covers. Engine and gearbox are mostly in good health with used ones. Anyone who opts for the automated F1 gearshift instead of the manual one should, however, have the heavily stressed clutch checked for wear. With the F430, however, the dreaded change of timing belts became superfluous: its V8 drives the camshafts for the first timevia timing chain.


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