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Used car advice sports cars: which one will you be driving soon?

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Buying advice for used sports cars
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Audi R8 V8: From 45,000 euros

3 09 kW /420 PS ▶ 301 km /h 0–100 km /h in 4.6 s ▶ 1,635 kg

Audi's first super sports car was a big surprise when it was launched in 2006. The R8, what an eye-catcher and what a success: The chassis comes from the Lamborghini Gallardo, the 4.2-liter V8 from the RS 4. Thanks to all-wheel drive, it brings its 420 hp safely onto the road, but can even be persuaded to drift . And in contrast to the new R8, the first series is still available with manual transmission. Hot tip!

+ High-revving V8 engine, very agile handling, also available with manual transmission (open gate!), Still high status

- Occasional engine problems in the 2007 models, high consumption, high workshop and insurance costs

Mercedes C 63 AMG: From 40,000 euros

336 kW /457 PS ▶ 250 km /h 0–100 km /h in 4.4 s ▶ 1,730 kg

For the cold start sound of the C 63 Coupé you would actually need a gun license. Openly he shoots his V8 fanfare out of the four tailpipes. This sound is actually a good reason to buy. But the Coupé with the 6.2-liter naturally aspirated engine can do more than just sound infernally good: it devours every straight with cravings - or corners in drift. 507 hp, which gives it its name, as Edition 507.

+ 6.2-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine with brute power, unmistakable AMG sound, very good driving characteristics, suitable for families if required

- Sound not suitable for sensitive neighbors, heavy weight, expensive repairs, high insurance classification

Hans-Dieter Seufert
The first and last M3 with a famous V8 high-speed Mammal. InCombination with the excellent chassis results in a package that is hard to beat.

BMW M3 (E9x): From 25,000 euros

309 kW /420 PS ▶ 250 km /h 0 –100 km /h in 4.9 s ▶ 1,613 kg

BMW M GmbH has only been using turbo engines for two years. So also in the current M3. In the predecessor of the E90 series, there is still a four-liter V8 that is allowed to turn more than 8,000 tours. In combination with the excellent chassis, this results in a package that is hard to beat. The best thing about it: the V8-M3 is also available as a sedan. That doesn't make it really sensible, but it makes it really practical.

+ Magnificent naturally aspirated motor, wonderful sound, outstanding handling, good brakes, practical, good price-performance ratio

- Expensive to maintain, very thirsty V8 engine, poor workmanship in early years of construction

Lotus Elise SC Mk2: From 25,000 euros

162 kW /220 PS ▶ 241 km /h 0–100 km /h in 4.6 s ▶ 913 kg

A Lotus Elise is and will remain an exotic on our streets, one just asks: Why? Well, maybe it is not suitable for every occasion due to the lack of space, but the joy of driving is maximum. The consistently low weight is of course a major factor in this, although the second Elise series was a few kilos heavier than the first generation. The 220 hp of the supercharged four-cylinder from Toyota feel almost twice as powerful - lightweight construction, the Elise even dispenses with an interior mirror. Handling? Similar to a racing car. Wonderful!

+ Lightweight construction in the extreme, with 220 PS generously motorized, incomparable handling, puristic, also available as left-hand drive

- Moderate workmanship, difficult search for a workshop, tight interior, ESP before facelift (2010) only as an extra

Corvette C6: From 22,000 euros

297 kW /404 PS ▶ 300 km /h 0 –100 km /h in 4.3 s ▶ 1,508 kg

Let's be honest: It is every car enthusiast's dream to drive a large-volume V8 once in a lifetime. The Corvette C6 offers a real sports car feeling: At just under 1.5 tons, it is pretty light, the bubbling small-block V8 develops a lush 404 hp and a poignant 546 Nm. Despite the traditional technology (leaf springs!), The chassis is very suitable for carving on country roads or for occasional visits to the racetrack. Only when it comes to quality is the Corvette not at Porsche level.

+ Powerful V8 engine with a great sound, good driving characteristics, exotic appearance, robust technology, tempting price

- Relatively poor processing quality, thirsty engine at full load, expensive maintenance, sometimes difficult procurement of spare parts

Because of housewives Porsche! The Boxster S is a perfectly balanced sports car with addictive potential.

Porsche Boxster S: From 20,000 euros

228 kW /310 PS ▶ 272 km /h 0-100 km /h in 5.2 s ▶ 1,455 kg

No housewife Porsches! The Boxster S in particular is a very porschy Porsche. Its sawing, fiery high-revving boxer engine, the mid-engine principle, rear-wheel drive. No wonder that the little Boxster has blossomed into a 911 competitor. If you are looking for pleasure in every meter and only need two seats, you will find it in the Boxster generation 987. Ideally, you should use the 15 hp facelift model (from 2009). It costs a little more to buy, but spare parts such as the alternator are often cheaper.

+ Outstanding boxer six-cylinder, impressive sound, perfectly balanced handling, more trunk than one suspects

- High workshop and maintenance costs

Subaru GT: From 17,000 euros

147 kW /200 PS ▶ 226 km /h 0–100 km /h in 7.2 s ▶ 1,239 kg

In 2011 Subaru and Toyota built a very special car: the BRZ or GT86. Especially because there was no such thing in the modern age for a long time: front-engine boxer, 200 hp, rear-wheel drive. The concept for pure driving pleasure. Get in, buckle up, drive off, feel good - and don't want to get off again. The only drawback is the puristic, but little-inspired interior.

+ Fine-looking naturally aspirated engine, rear-wheel drive with lock, low weight, very good balance, inexpensive to maintain and purchase

- Low-torque boxer four-cylinder, plastic cockpit, partly mediocre workmanship

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo: from 15,000 euros

195 kW /265 PS ▶ 253 km /h 0–100 km /h in 6.0 s ▶ 1,400 kg

When Mitsubishi presented the Evolution VIII more than ten years ago, its “two-liter four-cylinder + turbo + all-wheel drive” concept was almost another unique selling point. Today it is an everyday recipe. Nevertheless, the Evo remains unique, also due to its intelligent all-wheel drive system. Born as a rally homologation model, it has become a turbo in the hearts of thousands.Generation VIII develops 265 instead of the usual 280 hp. Regardless, it still drives brilliantly.

+ Strong, tuning-friendly turbo engine, intelligent, high-traction and agile all-wheel drive system, large fan base

- Thirsty engine, not exactly cheap to maintain, sometimes difficult to obtain spare parts

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Inexpensive entry into the world of sports cars with cross-driving potential. The Nissan 350Z. It is advisable to fall back on early models, as the facelift unit is maintenance-intensive.

Nissan 350Z: From 10,000 euros

206 kW /280 PS ▶ 250 km /h 0-100 km /h in 5.9 s ▶ 1,600 kg

The Nissan 350Z only with the third part of the' Fast & Furious 'series. In 'Tokyo Drift' the sports car smokes around every corner. In reality, the 350Z convinces with its stable, but not excessively powerful 3.5-liter V6, locked rear axle and good handling - despite its high weight for a sports car. The late versions with 313 hp are considered sensitive and maintenance-intensive.

+ 'Fast & Furious' look, reliable and easy-to-maintain engine, very good brakes, cheap to buy

- Partly expensive spare parts (brakes), often jerky clutches, comparatively high weight

Renault Clio RS: From 8,000 euros

148 kW /201 PS ▶ 235 km /h 0–100 km /h in 6.9 s ▶ 1,279 kg

The Clio RS was the only front-wheel drive car that made it into our top 10. Why? Because it's a lot of fun. It is small, light, with an excellent motorisation of 201 HP and turns wonderfully when the load changes. The Cup package, which includes reinforced brakes and a sports suspension, is interesting. The Clio is the ideal companion for hearty laps on the Nordschleife. It was also available as a limited sport auto edition.

+ Very agile handling, speed-greedy naturally aspirated engine, strong brakes, acceptable weight, affordable - also in terms of maintenance

- Thirsty engine, no differential lock, only a few good specimens available on the market


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