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Used Audi TT cars in the defect report as roadsters or coupes

Audi TT used cars in the defect report
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After all, the coupé is based on the technical backbone of the Audi A3 . Which means that the A udi TT is relatively front-heavy in terms of its weight distribution for a pure sports car. This technical peculiarity may also have played its part in the fact that the first Audi TT of its kind exhibited critical driving behavior. Only a repair by Audi in the form of a small rear spoiler and the use of modified front axle wishbones and modified stabilizers cured the pronounced load change reactions.

In addition, from February 2000, ESP was introduced as standard. If you are interested in early models, you should make sure that the improvements have been carried out, or that variants without ESP per se should stay away. Apart from the small slip-ups at the beginning of its career, the Audi TT does not make any major mistakes. This also applies to the roadster version, whose electrically operated fabric roof meets the highest quality standards.

In general, the first generation Audi TT is already of absolutely high quality and solidly made. The materials used in the chic and ergonomically perfectly arranged interior are still attractive, even in older models. Also the technology of the Audi TT, which is offered as a front or all-wheel drive proves to be reliable. The widespread 1.8-liter turbo engines are convincing in terms of pulling power and revving. Consumption is reasonable. The top model is the 250 hp 3.2 V6 coupled with DSG and all-wheel drive. However, the six-cylinder TT is not a food lover.


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