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USD Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept: Designer's dream Alfa Romeo

Ugur Sahin Design
USD Alfa Romeo 12C GTS Concept
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E in dream of a car, a dream from an Alfa Romeo. The Turkish designer Ugur Sahin created it, now only virtually. But as Sahin has proven with his company USD, automotive dreams can also be realized. His interpretation of a Corvette was presented as Anadi Soleil as a small-series model at the Top Marques of Monaco luxury car show in 2012.

Small-series production not excluded

Something similar could happen to the Alfa Romeo 12C GTS if a) a donor and b) a suitable technical platform is found. This is how the USD Alfa Romeo 12C GTS was created without any technical or financial constraints. Only focused on integrating traditional Alfa features into a future-oriented sports car package. Of course, the 12C has a Scudetto grille, a long bonnet and a crisp rear end. The sweeping belt line is reminiscent of the Alfa 8C.

Further features are the strongly contoured bonnet, the continuous glass surface from the bonnet to the rear apron and the recessed flanks with the ventilation gills in front of the rear axle. Solar modules on the glass roof could provide electricity for consumers or a (partially) electric drive train.

The new Alfa Romeo dream sports car has already taken shape in Sahin's world. It is now up to the financiers to bring the 12C into reality.


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