US Airforce Mustang and Challenger

US supercar duo
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D he military has always been very popular with Americans Course. Recently, however, the Army, Navy and Air Force have been struggling with recruitment problems - the strategists at the Pentagon came up with a clever marketing idea and launched the so-called 'Supercar campaign'.

Two tuned muscle cars

With two tuned muscle cars, the American Air Force Air Force is now planning to go on a recruiting tour through the country and to high schools at tuning meetings and advertise for potential 'customers' at various sports events. Behind the two show cars, named X-1 and Vapor, are a Ford Mustang and a Dodge Challenger of the latest generation, which have been specially adapted to the needs of the Air Force - in other words, everything a trained fighter pilot of the US armed forces desires is on board , including ejection seat, 360-degree camera, joystick or throttle control.

White Ford Mustang with airplane cockpit

In the case of the Ford Mustang X-1 hits the word cockpit right on target, as on closer inspection you feel right at the command center of a US fighter jet remind. Lots of flashing indicator lights, numerous monitors and a joystick to control the machine give the Mustang a very special flair.

Black Dodge Challenger in stealth optics

The Dogde Challenger Vapor is at least as extreme as the US boys present in a stealth bomber look in matt black. Two steering wheels that are flattened at the bottom and open at the top - one for the pilot and one for the co-pilot - a night vision device, a thermal imaging camera and a throttle in the center console instead of a gear knob make the special appeal of the tuned Dodge Challenger.

As in the Ford Mustang X-1, gullwing doors are also used in the Dodge Challenger Vapor. Both tuning projects were developed in cooperation with the US customizing company Galpin Auto Sports and were presented in Texas by Pimp-My-Ride legend Mad Mike. However, the Air Force is silent about the exact motorization and driving ability of the two show cars. The two muscle cars are definitely eye-catchers - not just in the USA.


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