The Quail at Monterey Car Week 2022

The Quail is the top event of Monterey Car Week. This time, a select number of supercar manufacturers were there with innovations.

The sun is taking its time today - the whole area around the posh Californian golf course is still shrouded in gray coastal fog. There are rare expensive cars on the golf course that usually compete in the sun - at The Quail. The event, which means "the quail" in German, is the most expensive event that takes place during Monterey Car Week. Traditionally, the world's wealthiest car collectors present showpieces from their collections here - and only here, near Pebble Beach. In the truest sense of the word, car manufacturers frame the collectors' cars with their new products. And this time everything is a bit different: There are fewer private collector cars than in previous years - but supercar manufacturers are unusually well represented with their innovations.

First 911 without a trunk, Koenigsegg with manual switch

With the 911 GT3 RS , Porsche has brought a real bang with it - the racer is extremely well received by the Californian public. Most prospective customers have a Porsche collection and absolutely want more Porsche RS models – they are not particularly price-sensitive. However, the GT3 RS also attracts with many technical refinements. It is the first 911 without a trunk – it is replaced by a large central cooler. Roof fins keep the air heated by it away from the intake opening in the rear – otherwise the engine would lose 20 hp. And the front wheel suspensions are aerodynamically shaped in such a way that they generate 40 kilograms of downforce.

,McLaren surprises with its Solus GT racing car, which is intended for a single occupant. And the most expensive new product comes from Bugatti: The Roadster W16 Mistral costs almost six million euros - all 99 copies have long been sold out. Rimac is bringing its electric supercar Nevera and Koenigsegg is introducing the CC850 - manual. Hennessey would like to set a speed record for roadsters with the Venom F5 Roadster , which Bugatti also intends to do with the W16 Mistral.

Audi with study family, Lambo with 6 LM002

Lucid is also making a big appearance - the electric car brand is presenting the Air Stealth. The black e-limousine is surrounded by spectators. And Polestar shows its electric Roadster O2, but still as a study. Polestar boss Thomas Ingenlath has personally traveled to The Quail to show the pretty convertible. And Audi also has a neat convertible study: The Skysphere joins the city car study Urbansphere and the luxury class study Grandsphere.The series realization of the Grandsphere is extremely likely, the rear of the Urbansphere will soon come in a somewhat smaller form in a series Audi and the Skysphere has no chance of later series life.

After a few hours, the gray cloud cover breaks up and the usual Californian sun makes the cars at The Quail sparkle. At the same time, the lawn is filling up with more and more spectators, which finally makes the event come alive and thus makes the somewhat scattered private collector highlights look better. These include a Ford RS200, 2020 Jaguar XJ13 replica, Studebaker Avanti R2, Lamborghini Jamara and 2020 Ford GT. Also included are a Dallara Stradale, Aston Martin One 77, Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV and a Bugatti EB110 SS included. Six Lamborghini LM002 are a real eye-catcher.

Some of the guests at The Quail dress as if they were attending noble horse races, and women and men are equally interested in the cars on display - regardless of their drive concepts.


The Quail is incredibly expensive, classy - and difficult to grasp from its concept. Many private drivers show their expensive collector's models, but more and more supercar manufacturers are also bringing their innovations to The Quail. That's why the private collectors seemed a little pushed back this year - but you can't blame the car manufacturers for their urge to attend festivals like The Quail: Such an event is a thousand times more pleasant than any classic car show.

Among the innovations presented, the Porsche GT2 RS, the Bugatti W16 Mistral and the Koenigsegg CC850 with manual transmission particularly stand out.


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