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That's why Dodge buyers leave protective covers on their cars

Dodge Charger and Challenger
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A At first glance, the case is quite unspectacular. Since Fiat Chrysler noticed that the front apron was repeatedly damaged when the Dodge Charger and Challenger were delivered, special transport protection panels have been installed there. The local dealer should then simply dismantle them again. So far, so normal!

But in many cases the plastic rails remained on the car and thus became a new, unwanted design extra. Even owners of properly delivered muscle cars found their liking more and more on the yellow color accents. In the meantime, for example, a real market for it has developed on Ebay. The transport packaging is available from US $ 50.

'Take it off, you fool'

Unsurprisingly, however, there are many Dodge fans who like theirs Finding fellow brands disastrous. In various forums and groups, there is wild discussion about the covers - often below the belt. And Dodge doesn't find the trend so funny either. The US carmaker warns, among other things, of paint damage caused by dirt between the shell and the splinter.

In an interview with YouTuber Brian Makse, Dodge and SRT's chief designer, Mark Trostle, took a stand : 'When we designed the Charger and the Challenger, there were never any yellow stripes on them. I wish they would just remove them (the transport protection rails). For me as a designer, they destroy the lines of the car.'

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Purple as a deterrent?

Trostle also confirmed that the Charger will switch to purple for the transport protection elements. 'We can be curious whether this will also be as popular. I hope not!' But because the trend towards transport protection is obviously not ebbing, FCA design boss Ralph Gilles has now joined the discussion. On his Instagram account, he showed a design thatshows a Dodge future model that has integrated the yellow protective elements as a design element.


Gilles explains: No, this is not a future Dodge model and no, the yellow stripes will not be part of the future design philosophy. Here just one colleague let off steam and we smiled heartily about it.


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