Techart GT Street R Cabriolet with up to 800 hp

Techart presents a new GT Street R based on the Porsche 911 Turbo or Turbo S. Have you read something similar recently? Yes, maybe. But now it's the turn of the convertible variant.

Techart only presented the new GT Street R in June. Less than six months later, the tuner from Leonberg took the 911 to heart, even without a roof – still with the aim of combining suitability for everyday use with uncompromising track performance. Priority number one: befitting performance. And it's just as tough as the coupé.

Techart has two power upgrades ready for its customers. Level one gives the series version of the Turbo S 60 additional horses. A total of 710 hp is then available, the torque increases by 100 Nm to a maximum of 900 Nm. If you can't get enough, the Leonbergers offer a second power kit. In conjunction with the newly tuned software, new turbochargers are used here. The tuners infuse the GT Street R Convertible with 800 hp, and 950 Nm rage on the crankshaft. Top speed according to Techart: impressive 350 km/h. And so that the inflated 3.7-liter six-cylinder engine roars down your neck when the top is down, there's a flap-controlled sports exhaust system.

Even sportier driving dynamics

Techart also offers two modifications for the chassis. A set of sports springs lowers the standard 911 by 25 millimeters. If you opt for coil springs, a lowering of five to 30 millimeters is adjustable. To go with this, Techart mounts forged wheels with a total wheel spacer of 30 millimeters on the front axle. They are available as 20 or 21-inch models.

Athletic aero package

Optional aero rings made of visible carbon - they were specially developed for the Formula VI forged wheels and reduce air resistance - adorn the wheel housings of the Techart GT Street R Cabrio. In general, the Leonbergers are not stingy with carbon fiber. Front apron, fenders with wheel arch extensions, aero hood, side skirts, rear apron and rear spoiler - on the sharpened super sports car, carbon shines in every nook and cranny. Large air intakes are intended to improve the flow of air to the cooler.

Custom interior

And inside? Customers can let off steam in terms of design according to their wishes. The Techart interior manufacturer offers tailor-made Alcantara, leather or fabric as well as individual carbon packages and a hand-made sports steering wheel.

The tuning package for the 911 Turbo (S) Cabriolet starts at 63,000 euros. If you have the necessary change on the side, it is better to open the configurator right away. Because the edition of the GT Street R is limited to just 87 pieces - including the convertible and coupe.


Up to 800 hp in the Porsche 911 Turbo (S), modified chassis, all kinds of carbon aero features, individualized interior and all that as a convertible - your mouth just waters. At least insofar as one does not insist on the Zuffenhausen original condition. Either way: With the Techart tuning kit, the Über-911 soars up into the spheres of the super sports car, even topless. How does it feel as a driver? Test car requirement!


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