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Still expensive: crashed Porsche Carrera GT for sale

An accident Carrera GT is offered on the Copart auction platform. Although the vehicle has official damage, it is not a bargain.

Parking bumps on the Golf III are painted or ignored. If you hit a bollard with your old Fiesta, you're bound to find a replacement bumper at the scrap yard. The check engine light in the Astra F is on? Well - it goes out again. What we're getting at: With used cars, damage and quirks, depending on their age, are no reason for an accelerated heart rate. However, it depends on the segment. If said car is 17 years old but also has a 5.7 liter V10 in front of the rear axle, then one rightly suspects an iconic super sports car of the early 2000s behind this information.,

Half a million cheaper

We are talking about the 612 hp Porsche Carrera GT, which was originally designed for use in Le Mans. The exclusive lightweight flounder in carbon fiber guise is rare. Only 1,270 copies left the factory in Leipzig. One of them is currently available for purchase on the US online platform Copart. The current bid (as of December 08, 2021) is a whopping $362,000 (around 320,000 euros), regardless of the vehicle's condition - even if the Zuffenhausener doesn't look quite as bad as the Bugatti Chiron that was recently offered on the same platform .

Sure, measured against the prices that are otherwise asked for used Carrera GTs, the sum is of course a joke. There is usually nothing to get for less than 800,000 euros. This in turn shows how serious the damage to the US model on offer must be. From the outside, the pictures hurt, but they don't seem irreparable. However, the carbon monocoque lying under the outer skin and the chassis components attached directly to it could well have taken a hit. And for those who like their driver's instruments to be a bit brighter: this Carrera GT currently has every imaginable indicator light on. In the advertisement, the Carrera GT is noted as roadworthy, which means here that the super sports car was started on arrival at the yard and covered at least a few meters under its own power. In its current condition, however, the Porsche is still banned from being street legal. Understandable, because a bit of paint and a bumper from the junkyard is probably not enough here.

You can find out what a Carrera GT looks like in perfect condition and, above all, what it is capable of in our slide show at the top of the article.


If you know a good Porsche mechanic who has some spare time after work, this might be your chance for a supercar snapper. However, bad damage could hide from first glance under the body.


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