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Startech Aston Martin DB11: 610 hp for the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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B Rabus subsidiary Startech has already dealt with Bentley and Land Rover taken care of. Another British brand is being added with Aston Martin, the DB11 premiering at the Geneva Motor Show. The tuning program is complete and ranges from increased engine performance to optical and aerodynamic add-on parts to embroidered and quilted leather for the interior.

Contrasting optics: anthracite and copper

Startech combines anthracite with copper-colored accents in the look.

First of all, the Aston Martin DB11 from Startech looks right Inconspicuous: anthracite gray paint, discreet rims in dark gray. But even at first glance, copper-colored accents stand out: roof pillars, brake calipers and the gills behind the front wheel arches shimmer copper-colored. The 21-inch wheels come from the Startech range, they are called the Monostar M and have copper-colored stripes on the Geneva show car. Tires of size 275/35 ZR 21 (front) and 325/25 ZR 21 (rear) are fitted.

Attachments in visible carbon

Aerodynamic components in glossy visible carbon complement the Optics. The offer ranges from the front spoiler with raised flaps on the sides to rocker panels and diffusers. Like the production car, the tuned DB11 does not have a spoiler attached. There is a reversing light in the diffuser that looks similar to the rear light of a Formula 1 car. Startech integrates its own exhaust trims in the diffuser, the exhaust system itself remains as standard.

Engine tuning from Brabus

Aston Martin gets the four-liter V8 engine from AMG. Startech mother company Brabus has a performance upgrade in its program for precisely this unit. An additional control unit changes injection and ignition andincreases the boost pressure. The power increases by 100 to 610 hp at 6,000 rpm. The torque increases from 675 to 800 Nm, it is between 2,000 and 5,000 rpm. Startech gives the acceleration from zero to 100 km /h as 3.8 seconds and the top speed as 310 km /h. The performance values ​​are thus at the level of the DB11 with V12 engine, the performance of the tuned V8 does not quite match.

Interior with new leather trim

Startech has generously covered the interior with quilted and embroidered leather : The show car's seats, door panels, headlining and parcel shelf are covered with leather. The leather-carbon-look steering wheel is flattened at the bottom to make it easier to get started. Startech has not yet given any information about the prices. A standard DB11 V8 costs at least 184,000 euros, the twelve-cylinder comes to 208,900 euros.


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