SSC SC01: Lotus style with an electric heart

The Chinese start-up SSC (Small Sports Car) has presented the SC01, a 320 kW lightweight electric sports car.

The Chinese electric car start-up SSC (stands for Small Sports Car) has now presented its debut work with the SC01. It should win the hearts of sports car drivers with the combination of high performance and low weight.

The first pictures of the SC01 bring back memories of the Alfa 4C or the Lotus Elise. Lotus Elise and electric drive - the older people quickly think of the Tesla Roadster, with which Elon Musk started his electric car ambitions in 2008.

320 kW strong, 500 km range

So far there is only little information on the technology that is actually under the sharply cut bodywork. Two electric motors are responsible for the drive, which are distributed over both axles and ensure all-wheel drive. The total output is 320 kW. Enough power to accelerate the SC01, which weighs only 1,300 kilograms, from zero to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Energy for the drive flows from a battery, with no information about its capacity, technology and loading capacity. However, the Chinese confidently state the range as 500 kilometers.,

The design of the SC01 mixes Lotus Evora elements at the front with large air intakes in the flanks, which are known from the Elise or the Exige, in order to in culminating in a tail with a spoiler tail that could very well have been inspired by a Lancia Stratos or various Ferrari models. With a length of 4.01 meters, a width of 1.82 meters and a height of just 1.16 meters, the SC01 is also right in the middle of the Lotus territory. The wheelbase of the two-seater is 2.50 meters.,


With the SC01, the first model of the electric car start-up SSC was presented in China. The electric sports car in Lotus Elise format comes with all-wheel drive, 320 kW of power and a range of 500 kilometers. The key data sound good, but the Chinese have so far failed to provide any more in-depth information.


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