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Sports cars and hypercars at the Geneva Motor Show (2019)

Exotic hypercars in Geneva
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A he Geneva Motor Show traditionally has something for every taste. Absurdly expensive, absurdly strong, absurdly rare - sometimes everything in just one car. Conceptually, however, worlds open up - on the one hand, classic combustion engines lure with the subtle smell of superplus, on the other hand, electric super sports cars with the torque club lurk around every corner. In between there are charming engines, such as a V8 plug-in hybrid with an electric range of 20 kilometers.

With all the heavyweights at the fair, it's best to start with light fare. The Zenvo TSR-S, for example - in principle there is nothing to say about it, except that it is offered in a blue that was not available before. In purely technical terms, little has changed compared to the predecessors TS1 GT and TSR. With the huge tail unit at the rear, the Zenvo is still an eye-catcher.

Madeleina Schwantes
Most powerful combustion engine at the fair and currently the fastest production car in the world: Koenigsegg Jesko.

Fastest production car in the world

But the more blatant device is the Koenigsegg Jesko - currently the fastest production car in the world even outshines the Bugatti Chiron. The Swedes specify 1,600 hp and a top speed of 480 km /h - at least in their own simulations, the hypercar is said to have reached this speed. Ginetta is a little more comfortable. Akula (or she ?!) 'only' manages 320 km /h, but looks like much more. At least it is the car with the most aerodynamic tricks.

The electric hypercar should be beamed at country road speed in just 1.85 seconds.

Pininfarina Automobili is already more streamlined, which could also be due to the fact that the Battista is an electric sports car. But what a - 1,900 hp, in 1.8 seconds to 100 km and 2,300 Newton meters of torque. 150 pieces are to be built in Turin. Cost point: Relaxed two million euros. Too much? You can have the same car for just under half; so purely technically. The Rimac Concept Two forms the basis of the Italian beauty and costs just around 1,000,000 euros with identical performance data.

How much you would have to invest for a Piëch Mark Zero is not yet entirely clear - the Son of the automobile mogul of the same name, you would certainly be very grateful if you did. Investors are currently still being sought in order to realize the electric sports car project. The Berlinetta from Puritalia is a few steps further, because it is to be built 150 times. Why do we mention the car? Because on the one hand it has become very pretty and on the other hand it has an interesting engine concept. To bring this story together again: The sports car has a V8 plug-in with a range of 20 kilometers purely on electric power.


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