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Specialty Vehicle Engineering Chevrolet Camaro with 1,000 PS

Specialty Vehicle Engineering Chevrolet Camaro
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D he Camaro is not exactly weak on the chest with 453 hp from the factory. But the experts from Specialty Vehicle Engineering, who as a factory-based tuner for GM have already tightened more than 55,000 vehicles, are giving the muscle car a few more muscles. The so-called Stage II Yenko /SC model lets no less than 1,000 horses off the leash.

The name of the special version goes back to the legendary tuner Donald Yenko, who introduced the first Camaro version at the end of the 1960s helped on the jumps. His successors from Specialty Vehicle Engineering, however, play in a completely different performance league. Extensive work is necessary to get the Chevy up to the 1,000 hp mark.

Camaro with 1,000 hp and 1,186 Nm

The standard 6.2 liter V8 engine is upgraded to 6 .8 liter capacity expanded. There is also a larger compressor, a reinforced crankshaft, special aluminum pistons, a completely new cylinder head and a modified injection system. This not only increases the performance in the four-digit range, but also the torque (1,186 Nm).

A special cooling system ensures that the heat development remains below the load limits. Even the modified differential and the manual gearbox have their own cooling units. So that the power comes to the asphalt without loss, the suspension was also equipped with new springs, dampers and stabilizers.

Specialty Vehicle Enginering
The hood in the bonnet has no function. It is only intended to show that there is no normal Camaro here.

The optics must of course also match the increased performance. That's why the Camaro got some war paint. There is a matt over the hiplacquered stripe with the Yenko /SC logo. There is also a Yenko badge on the side of the fender and emblems with the words '1000 PS' on the rear and on the bonnet.

Yenko special version from the GM dealer

Speaking of the bonnet : The drive is slumbering under a carbon cover. The large air scoop and the raised middle section clearly indicate from the outside that no series engine is installed here. A lot has also changed aerodynamically: A front splitter provides a little more downforce on the front axle, a rear spoiler presses the rear part to the ground.

The package is rounded off by special five-spoke rims in 20-inch Format, which are fitted with Michelin tires in the dimensions 295/30 at the front and 305/30 at the rear. Behind the wheels, the performance brakes painted in body color draw attention to themselves. The new stainless steel exhaust system ensures the right acoustic appearance.

The special model, which is limited to 50 copies, can be ordered in the USA and Canada via GM dealers as usual. All ten tones from the series catalog are available as a basic color. The price for the complete vehicle should be less than 70,000 US dollars, which corresponds to around 62,000 euros at the current rate.


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