Something's missing: Sawn-off Chevrolet Corvette C5

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Chevrolet Corvette C5 sawn up and shortened
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W he has ever been embarrassed, Watching the TV show 'Germany's Next Top Model' knows that when girls have to cut their hair, tears flow. Will this be the same for the male sex if the car is cut off? In this case, the redesign of the vehicle looks clearly deliberate, albeit no less dramatic than the loss of flowing manes.

Slightly different sidepipes

The Corvette C5 didn't leave any hair, but its overhangs , front and back. And this despite the fact that the sweeping rear end with the four round taillights is so characteristic of the American sports car. After all, the owner of the 'Corvette' received two out of four lights. Because the exhaust system is usually located under the said rear, the tailpipes now point to the side. Pedestrians might be less pleased when they drive by, but in a strange way, it looks pretty cool too. However, the tires on the rear axle shouldn't really cheer when the exhaust is running hot - at least in the pictures it looks like the rubbers are very close to the tailpipes.

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Tailpipes that point to the side and a very small rear compartment - the redesign of the C5 is drastic.

Unfortunately we don't know anything about the owner, we can only speculate. And presumably it is a person with an extremely small footprint, measured by the mini loading hatch at the rear. The front of the Vette was also shaved, which most likely cost the pop-up headlights their lives. They can still be recognized, but the functionalitymay at least be questioned. New lights now adorn the face, which admittedly looks much more modern than the series model. For comparison, you can look at the original again in our picture gallery.


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