SlyStyle Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray Convertible

A body kit with angle accents and classic suction tuning get the mid-engine sports car Chevrolet Corvette C8 going.

SlyStyle Performance is a specialist for US cars. Of course, as a tuner with such a specialty, you can't steer around the new Chevrolet Corvette C8. Accordingly, the Krefelders have now put together a tuning package for the mid-engine sports car.,

Angular add-on parts for more downforce

The central element is an aerodynamics kit that makes the Corvette look more aggressive and also sharpens the aerodynamics. When styling it, the designers took up the omnipresent angular accents on the C8, which now form an even more recurring motif. The body kit consists of a newly designed front splitter, differently designed side skirts with fins rising in front of the rear wheels and rear spoiler and rear diffuser approaches that continue their line. In addition to the modified look, the wing elements also bring more downforce. The increases on the front axle by up to 50 kilograms; the downforce on the rear axle even increases by up to 80 kilograms.

All add-on parts are manufactured in a CFRP/GFRP combination, come with a certificate and are mostly installed at the factory attachment points. When it came to the wheels, SlyStyle took the wheel manufacturer Schmidt’s shelf and installed satin black Drago one-piece parts measuring 9x20 inches on the front axle of the Corvette. At the back there are even 21 inch wheels with a width of 11.5 inches. 255/30R20 tires are mounted at the front, 325/25 tires are stretched over the aluminum wheel at the rear.,

Lowering sleeves made of stainless steel were specially designed for vehicles with the factory front-lift system, which lower the tire by around 20 millimeters of the front axle and are approved with a parts certificate. On the rear axle, the lowering of vehicles with the Z51 package can be adjusted by up to 20 millimeters at the factory.

Hardware optimized, software follows

SlyStyle tackles the 6.2 liter V8 with classic vacuum tuning. A high-performance K&N air filter works with a new '87 throttle body for better breathing. For this purpose, the inlet and outlet channels of the intake manifold are processed. On the exhaust side, SlyStyle relies on a Grail exhaust system, which growls bassier from four tailpipes with a diameter of 114 millimeters. For export markets, the Otto particle filter can also be removed if desired. The tuner does not name performance data for its modifications, but promises a noticeably better response and more powerful pulling of the standard 482 hp and 613 Nm strong V8. But the engine control should also be improved. The corresponding update is still in development.

But SlyStyle also takes care of the suitability for everyday use of the US athlete. In this way, special dome bearing covers prevent annoying corrosion at these sensitive points. Jacking points permanently installed on the vehicle make it easier to handle in the workshop. A black powder-coated radiator stone guard made of stainless steel with a honeycomb pattern like the factory C8 rear diffuser protects the fine fins of the radiator and steel braided brake lines optimize the pressure point and maximum force of the brake system all around.,


The new Corvette C8 is slowly arriving in Europe and accordingly with the European tuners. SlyStyle from Krefeld has created an aerodynamics kit for the US athlete and has optimized the V8 with classic suction tuning.


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