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Shelby GT-S for Sixt (2019): 600 PS Mustang for rent

Shelby GT-S for Sixt (2019)
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These days there is often talk of alternative mobility concepts. Shelby American and the US branch of Sixt have now also developed one. Shelby builds a 600 hp Ford Mustang Fastback, which can be obtained exclusively from the car rental company for a limited period of time. At least for a while - the sports cars won't be available until later. But first things first.

Five-liter V8 with supercharging

First the most important things, the technical cornerstones: Shelby uses the five-liter V8 of the Ford Mustang GT with a supercharger, just like the house vacuum. The engine power, unfortunately not specified in more detail, is transferred as standard to the rear wheels by a ten-speed automatic. Shelby adapts the chassis with lowering springs and stabilizers, as does the braking system, which is upgraded with components from Brembo. The exhaust system with four tailpipes is supplied by specialist Borla.

The design is fully adapted to the cooperation partner - orange and black are Sixt's corporate colors. The Shelby GT-S has either a black metallic paint with orange stripes or vice versa. The subtle add-on parts come from your own shelf. These include the jagged bonnet, front and rear spoiler, rocker panels and 20-inch wheels with tires specially baked for Shelby. Various emblems and badges - for example those with the serial number - also indicate the unusual cooperation between the tuner and the car rental company. Inside, Shelby is immortalized with leather seats, floor mats and illuminated door sills.

Shelby American /Sixt
Orange-black, the colors of the car rental company Sixt, are also popular inside.

Later the Shelby GT-S will also be available for purchase

In summer, thefirst copies of the Shelby GT-S built; Numbers 1 to 21 go to Sixt branches in Southern California, South Florida and Las Vegas, the home of Shelby American. More will follow. How high the rental fee will be has not yet been determined.

By the way: If you really want to own a copy, you have to be patient for a while. Only when a Shelby GT-S is withdrawn from the rental service can it be purchased. One of the first ways should lead the new owner directly to Shelby: at least to have the GT-S thoroughly checked and, if necessary, overhauled. At the same time, you may be able to take further tuning measures.


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