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Senner Tuning BMW 640i F12: 6-series convertible with oomph

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Senner Tuning BMW 640i F12
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N och a few years ago, probably very few would have a pitch black BMW 6 Series Convertible thought of as a subtle car. Well, a tuned 640i is still not a completely subtle appearance, but it does show us the bling-bling times we are currently living in. Even an energy drink representative from the 90s would probably not have put up with the look of a current BMW 7 Series - and yet design elements such as the giant kidney are state-of-the-art.

The Senner Tuning 640i has its kidney grille in black, analogous to the paintwork in Black Sapphire Metallic. The almost classic look is complemented by a no less classic tuning. With chip tuning and map adjustment, the convertible has performance data of 379 hp and 540 Newton meters of maximum torque. In the production version it was still 320 hp and 450 Newton meters. Once again the crazy times of the upcoming 2020s are evident, because there are production models from Volvo (!) That have more power than a souped-up 6-series BMW.

Miranda Media
Black shoes to the black dress. The 21-inchers come from the rim manufacturer MB Design.

Potent basic motor

Well we certainly don't want to claim that with 379 hp one is not very well motorized. After all, the series version already goes up to 100 km /h in 5.5 seconds - and the 640i, with its three-liter in-line six-cylinder, had the smallest machine in the series under the hood. Today we have top-of-the-range engines on the market that BMW wouldn't even have left within sight of a 6 Series at the time. For example the four-cylinder of the current M135i.

Engine electronics and kidney blackening are not the only elements that Senner Tuning has taken on. A variable KW coilover kit V3 is under the BMW, paired with 21-inch wheels from the rim manufacturer MB Design. There is also a sports air filter, a power converter for modifying the electric gas signal and black painted tailpipe trims. Overall, this car would once again prove that almost everyone can achieve simple elegance with the color black - even if they are actually macho at heart.


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