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Saturn Sky conversion: This Lamborghini is a con man

Saturn Sky conversion for sale
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D he Saturn Sky is a multiple car personality. The long-discontinued Roadster of the long-discontinued General Motors brand was also available as a Pontiac Solstice, Opel GT and even a Daewoo G2X. But as a Lamborghini? Here the art of transformation of the two-seater reaches a new level of escalation. But the employees of a company called Z and M Customs have no mercy. The men from Idaho specialize in transforming rather brave GM models - at least visually - into supercars. Preferably in cars that look like Lamborghini models.

Different proportions than the original

This former Saturn Sky, currently for sale on the US classifieds website Craigslist, pretends to be a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Of course, a quick glance is enough to reveal the car as a replica; Simply because of the proportions that distinguish the front-engined Saturn from the mid-engined Lambo. The wide, plastic-covered A-pillar is also irritating. The air inlets and outlets in the front hood and behind the front wheels are also not available on the Italian original.

The soft top remains original and therefore does not stretch over the car as neatly as the original Spyder.

But otherwise, Z and M Customs has done a decent job - as far as can be judged after studying the photos - and made an effort with the details given. Lamborghini logos can be found not only on the body, but also on the brake calipers, which peek out from behind the 20-inch rims. As with the original, the rear hood opens towards the rear; just slumberhere no V10 underneath, but the convertible top compartment. Despite carbon applications, Lamborghini emblems and Italo tricolor, the interior still exudes the large-scale charm of the basic car. And the leather lining of the handbrake slacks carelessly on the corresponding lever.

'Light, fast and economical'

The copy should not be able to keep up with the performance of the European model. But it is not a traffic obstacle either, after all, the two-liter turbo gasoline engine has been upgraded and now brings it to over 300 instead of 268 hp. The turbocharged four-cylinder transmits its power to the rear axle via a manual five-speed gearbox and has so far been in use for 27,000 miles (almost 43,500 kilometers). 'The car is light, fast and also economical to use,' claims the seller from California in the Craigslist ad.

Four-cylinder turbo instead of a V10 vacuum cleaner: The engine is also installed in the front and not in the middle.

In general, he raves about the yellow roadster in the highest tones. He describes the condition as “excellent”, the air conditioning “blows ice cold”, and the convertible top opens and closes “easily”. The fake Gallardo was retrofitted with a reversing camera, windshield lighting and carbon accents on the steering wheel and center console and embroidered on the seats.

At the end of the advertisement, the provider lets himself be carried away with the following statement: “You won't find a cheaper Lamborghini Gallardo - or one that is so cheap to repair or maintain. ”The seller cites $ 32,000 as the basis for negotiations, which is around 28,300 euros. That is actually not much for a Lamborghini Gallardo. But a lot for a Saturn Sky. Most cars on the US used car portals are traded between $ 7,500 and $ 15,000.


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