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Ruf Rodeo Concept: carbon-fiber 911 for the off-road track

Ruf Rodeo Concept
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B According to his own statements, Alois Ruf asked for the Rodeo Concept that has now been presented Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance, hosted by his friend Bruce Meyer. The 2011 Western Collection by Ralph Lauren provided further inspiration. The driving force behind it all was the Texan collector and reputation fan Phillip Sarofim. Accordingly, the Ruf was trimmed to a cowboy look.

The body made of carbon fiber laminate and the platform developed entirely by Ruf itself is shared by the Rodeo Concept with its sister models Ruf CTR Anniversary and Ruf SCR. In order to be able to cope with easy terrain, the Rodeo Concept naturally has all-wheel drive, the power distribution of which can be varied using a rotary knob on the center console. There are also longer suspension travel plus increased ground clearance and larger wheels that are fitted with more profiled Michelin tires. Fat mud flaps spread out behind the wheels.

Additional lights and leather straps


Of course, the Rodeo Concept can also look like a cowboy. In front of the front apron he wears a massive rust-look ramming bar with a coiled lasso and protective grille. The front hood was fitted with four additional headlights in the best rally style. Additional additional lights have been integrated into the roof rack, which holds larger luggage. Leather straps secure the hoods at the front and back. There is also a spade on the engine cover - you never know. A two-tone paintwork with a dark area around the wheel arches and the aprons as well as a filigree red dividing line rounds off the rodeo appearance.

The interior refines Ruf with brown leather in combination with seat centers in the look of Mexican horse blankets

On the drive side, Ruf gives potential customers the choice between a vacuum cleaner and aTurbo unit. Both of course in Ruf specification.


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