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Ruf Porsche SCR: lightweight 911 with 510 hp naturally aspirated engine

Ruf Porsche SCR with 510 HP naturally aspirated engine
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1 978 Alois Ruf launched his first SCR. The 3.2 liter suction boxer got 217 hp from its six cylinders - the series could only offer 180 hp. The distinguishing features included a large front spoiler with the round air inlets for brake cooling and the integrated oil cooler. A generously dimensioned rear spoiler ensured the best aerodynamic balance.

With 510 PS to 320 km /h

320 km /h top speed. There will be some puzzled looks on the autobahn when road users mistake the SCR for a 964.

at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show Keep the SCR story going. The new Ruf SCR uses a carbon fiber monocoque with an integrated tubular steel cage. Pushrod wheel suspensions on all four wheels correspond to the chassis standard of Formula 1, and in the middle of it works a four-liter six-cylinder boxer that generates 510 hp and 470 Nm of torque as a vacuum. The new SCR weighs 1,250 kilograms when ready to drive. The timelessly elegant body, which of course still looks typical of the Porsche 911, is made of carbon fiber laminate. Ruf specifies a top speed of 320 km /h.

All in all, sounds very edifying, doesn't it? But there is - as with so many sports cars - a tried and tested means to spoil the fans' mood. Ruf has announced the prices for the lightweight racing car. From 650,000 euros you can purchase one of 15 Ruf SCRs produced annually. This means that the Allgäu is a good 430,000 euros more expensive than the current top model in the 911 series, the Turbo S.


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