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Roush Ford Mustang & # 34; Old Crow & # 34; in fighter pilot style

Roush Ford Mustang 'Old Crow'
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E s has long become a tradition: When the EAA AirVenture Show takes place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in July and attracts 600,000 visitors, Ford will be there too. The car manufacturer has already contributed a specially built tuning Mustang eleven times, which was auctioned off for a good cause during the air show. In this way, Ford has already collected 3.5 million dollars (currently around 3.1 million euros) and donated it to the youth and adult aviation program of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). The 2008 Mustang AV8R alone brought in $ 500,000; This makes it the Mustang that achieved the highest price to date.

Inspired by a legendary fighter pilot

The one-off, which went up for auction on July 25, 2019, to the record of Breaking 2008 is the Roush Ford Mustang 'Old Crow'. Its color design is based on that of the P-51 Mustang fighter plane with which Clarence Emil 'Bud' Anderson fought during the Second World War. The now 97-year-old Anderson, who served in the US Air Force until 1972 and also took part in the Vietnam War, has received many awards and earned the status of triple-ace pilot due to his numerous kills. His statistics: 116 combat missions, 16 confirmed aerial victories during the Second World War alone and a six-hour mission during D-Day. Anderson was never hit by enemy fire or forced to withdraw from an air mission.

Roush not only transferred the color scheme of the previous aircraft to the Mustang. The P-51 Mustang badge is emblazoned in the radiator grille, the bonnet bears 'Old Crow' lettering (Anderson borrowed the name from a whiskey brand, by the way) and the 8th Air Force Unit's coat of arms can be seen on the tailgate. The body kit with Roush rear apron, Ford Performance front spoiler, bonnet with air outlets and - as a highlight - the rear wing of the 2020 Shelby GT500, which is not yet on the market, makes the color scheme particularly effective.

Thanks Compressor to 720 PS and 827 Nm

The interior is also inspired by Anderson's aircraft: the sports seats have a brown-black leather cover, the Sparco four-point belts are also based on those of the fighter aircraft. The dashboard and the inside of the door are covered with leather and linen in military green, while the gear knob and the inner door opener shine in bright red.

Ford Motor Company
Almost like back then in the aircraft cockpit: Interior of the Roush Ford Mustang 'Old Crow'.

Of course Roush has also left technical marks on the Ford Mustang 'Old Crow'. Especially on the drive, of course. Of course, the tuning veteran only uses the best that the in-house shelf has to offer. In the form of the Stage 3 tuning kit, the heart of which is the TVS R2650 compressor and a new inlet system. In addition, there is an X-pipe exhaust system with active sound management and four tailpipes in blue and rainbow shimmer from the Ford Performance program. These measures push the Mustang GT, which has 466 HP and a maximum of 569 Newton meters, to 720 HP and 827 Newton meters.

In the 'Old Crow' Mustang, Ford's active MagneRide damping system is also used. Roush gets the 20-inch rims with Continental ExtremeContact sports tires in the format 275/35 R20.

Although the Old Crow brought in a handsome sum, it did not reach the previous auction record. The hammer fell at $ 400,000.


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