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Roding Roadster: Mid-engine roadster in the driving report

Karl-Heinz Augustin
Roding Roadster in the driving report
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R oding, a community of 11,500 people in the Bavarian forest. The thought is about agriculture and animal husbandry, sticks to the lovely landscape. This idyll has nothing to do with high tech and vehicle construction - does it? In fact, highly complex metal parts are made here, also for Formula 1 teams. And the Roding Roadster, a polarizing driving machine based on the model of the Lotus Super Seven.

Roding Roadster with 250 hp five-cylinder

Stefan Kulzer, whose company builds the Roding Roadster, drives one of these. A carbon fiber chassis acts as a supporting structure. The driving force sits behind the high-strength monocoque, across in front of the rear axle: currently a five-cylinder engine with around 250 hp. In the future and in series production, however, it will be over 300 hp, powerfully delivered by a six-cylinder turbo engine.

It will have an easy life because the two-seater Roding Roadster, limited to 23 pieces, should weigh only 920 kilograms. Light metal and a body made of carbon make it possible. Pure racing technology in the chassis too. The Roding Roadster's stabilizers and shock absorbers are adjustable, the double wishbones are milled from solid.

Coupé and roadster in one

A technically appealing feast for the eyes with sustainability in terms of driving dynamics. The rear-wheel drive car scurries light-footed, precise and curvy through the hilly landscape, decelerating just as poisonously as it pushes. The Roding Roadster does not wrestle from its two-man crew any significant privations.

If you want even more authenticity, snap the two roof halves out of the anchoring and stow them practically in the front hood. At a price of 155,000 euros, the very promising Roding will be a coupé and roadster in one from the end of 2011.


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