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Recon MC8 with motorsport technology: this Audi R8 eats its series brother

Jordi Miranda
Recon MC8 with motorsport technology
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A udi had only slightly revised his R8. Critics thought the second generation was nothing more than a facelift. Mcchip-dkr now shows how radically one can turn the mid-engine sports car inside out.

Tuned Audi R8 switched to rear-wheel drive

The tuner does not leave any part in the 5.2-liter V10 unit the other. With a revised cylinder head and flywheel, new pistons and forged connecting rods as well as a compressor and new software, Mcchip-dkr turns the engine inside out. And elicits a total of 950 hp and 900 Nm from the V10. For orientation: the old R8 developed 550 PS as the V10 Plus and 570 PS as the special version LMX. The second generation cannot keep up with the Brutalo R8 either. The 610 series horses are not enough for that.

Here it comes: The sports car, baptized with the name Recon MC8, no longer releases its power on all four wheels, but only on the rear axle via a seven-speed dual clutch transmission . So that the 900 Nm does not fizzle out, the tuner installed a Drexler differential spear. The new drive concept was tested on the Nordschleife and the Ascari Race Resort, among other places.

10 models of the Recon MC8 planned

For use on the race track, the tuner attaches the R8 motorsport rims in 11x18 inches with 305/30 ZR18 at the front and 13x18 inches with 335/30 ZR18 at the rear. In everyday life, on the other hand, 20-inch spokes at the front and 21-inch spokes at the back are provided on thinner slippers.

According to the power, Mcchip-dkr enriches the R8 with additional motorsport components. They would be: a custom-made motorsport chassis paired with a hydraulic air system and a braking system from the Audi R8 LMS.

The winged Audi R8 not only takes over the brakes from the GT3 racer, but also the carbon body kit. With a large front spoiler, splitter and GT3 wing. The tuner upgrades the interior with Alcantara. To do this, the speedometer is increased to 430 km /h.

To save Audi’s honor, it should be said: Such a hardcore R8 cannot be put into series production. But in a limited edition. A total of ten models of the Recon MC8 are to be built. The R8 is offered by the English company Potter and Rich.


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