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Recall Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: Rear tires can weaken

Bugatti has detected a problem with the rear tires on the Chiron Pur Sport hyper sports car. They may not be able to withstand the stress. No fun in a 480 km/h fast sports car.

A recall of nine cars is not a big deal in itself. If it's the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, one of the fastest cars in the world, and especially its tires, then yes. As the American traffic safety authority NHTSA reports, these nine cars are being recalled in the USA because there could be a problem with the rear tires. Bugatti has not yet commented on other markets, but the rear tires of the sports car are probably being examined there too.,

Tires can crack

According to the authorities, Bugatti itself found cracks in the rear tires of a Chiron Pur Sport prototype. Although there was no further damage to the tires or a loss of pressure, the sports car manufacturer still wants to play it safe, because all Chiron Pur Sport models are fitted with the same special tires from Michelin. According to NHTSA, Michelin itself initially identified tires with the DOT markings 19/20 and 26/20 as problematic. Tires with the DOT code 41/20 are unproblematic. Michelin later removed this restriction. Bugatti and Michelin continue to examine the tires.,

In the meantime, Bugatti has decided to replace the rear tires on all Chiron Pur Sport models as a precautionary measure - every 3,000 kilometers or at the latest when the tires are 1.5 years old. If a Chiron Pur Sport owner has already burned more than 4,000 kilometers on his rear tires, or if the tires are more than two years old, Bugatti asks the vehicle owner to leave their car at home until the tires have been replaced. The procedure should apply until new tires have been developed together with Michelin. Of course, the Bugatti owners do not incur any costs. The change orgy should start in January 2022.


Bugatti examines the rear tires on the Chiron Pur Sport models. They can tend to crack. Not a nice idea on a sports car that speeds over 480 km/h.


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