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Radical SR3 SL in the driving report: Radically open and honest

Rossen Gargolov
Radical SR3 SL in the driving report
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A look in the side mirrors over the massive wheel arches, past the Formula 1-like rear wing. Suddenly the motorized dining table with a fluttering tablecloth pulls out of the slipstream of the LMP prototype. The scene could be from the UK public road. Mobile furniture, racing cars, exotic cars - everything that adorns a street legal there makes law enforcement officers in this country ripe for the oxygen tent. Mid-engine rockets have also been rolling out of the small-series forge Radical, encouraging German officials to gasp. Thanks to European approval for small series, the latest model, the Radical S R3 SL can now be approved in Germany and all other EU countries.

Ivatt Way Business Park - the Radical company is located in an industrial park on the outskirts of the eastern English city of Peterborough with 160,000 inhabitants. Anyone who suspects a small screwdriver dump here is wrong. 'We have 150 employees,' says Radical boss Phil Abbott, who founded the company in 1997 together with Mick Hyde. Radical now populates a street with four factory buildings on the size of four football fields. 2011 was the Radical record year with 220 copies sold.

Almost all components are handcrafted. Sparkling welders sizzle together the tubular space frame chassis made of high-strength steel. Foggy adhesive aroma in another hall: body parts are made from fiberglass, whose LMP-like shape was previously drawn by CAD calculations during Radical and wind tunnel tests in MIRA's British technology center.

Two Hayabusa four-cylinders become the V8

In the RPE department, Radical Performance Engines, engine professionals first fillet Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle aggregates. Then they use new high-tech parts to create high-revving works of art, such as the two GSX-R four-cylinder units that are married into a V8 and weigh only 88 kilos in the top model Radical SR8 RX.

End of the factory tour, the beckoning ride in the road racing car. Splash, a mix of snow and rain splashes into the Radical SR3 SL cockpit and overwhelms the tester like a ride on a wild water course. While grit patters on the face in winter, it is insects in summer.If you want to forego unwanted carnal food between your teeth, you should then wear a full-face helmet at the latest.

Finally there is anarchy between zebra crossings and roundabouts with 725 kilos and seven centimeters of ground clearance. Open cockpit, tied up with four-point seat belts, no electronic driving aids, in view two exhibited wheelhouses with air slots. When the Radical turbo engine hisses in under full load through the intake snorkel right next to the ear, the Le Mans feelings experience their climax in traffic. Despite its purism, details of the racing rifle also resemble a street car.

The approval regulations require a heater, which can be found in the cockpit as well as footwell lighting, a 12-volt socket and a rotary control to adjust the heated mirrors. In contrast to the sister model Radical SR3 RS, the SL is not attacked by a souped-up Hayabusa four-cylinder, but by a Ford Ecoboost four-cylinder with 243 hp.

Radical SR3 SL in 3.5 seconds 100 km /h

The two-liter turbo works well, but could be more aggressive on the gas. The braking system demands more attention than the small turbo lag of the direct injection engine with Euro 5 emissions standard. While it is easy to dose in dry conditions, the fast-blocking combination of Kumho Ecsta V700 semislicks and ABS-free brakes is just as good as a swimwear for a trip to the Antarctic in wet conditions and temperatures around freezing point.

Crouching at truck wheel hub height, the Radical SR3 SL with ultra-precise steering rushes between road users like a ski racer between slalom poles. As quickly as the Radical Streetfighter (despite less negative camber on the adjustable Intrax chassis than with the SR3 RS) builds up cornering speeds, points are raining down on the Flensburg account.

With three kilograms per horsepower, 266 km /h are possible

The StVO limit and the Radical SR3 SL limit areas are worlds apart. Shift lights flicker on the LCD display: from 5,000 rpm green, at 6,200 up to the engine speed limit of 6,800 revolutions it flashes red. The sequential six-speed transmission from Quaife clicks into the gears within 80 milliseconds. Shifting up with the steering wheel is possible without any problems under full load. When downshifting, the Radical SR3 sometimes jerks despite automatic double-declutching. The pilot only uses the clutch to start off. No toxic racing behavior screwed up the drive through the city center.

Not only heating, a moderate pace is also possible. Passers-by wave like marshals on the run-out lap. Looking for a parking space? Never forget: the Radical SR3 SL is clearer to the front than any small car, and to the rear, despite the side mirrors, is as handicapped as a 40-tonne truck. When stopping near the pedestrian zone, the driver finally becomes a racing driver, at least what resembles a press conferenceIssues related to the crowd next to the yellow racer.

Radical Coupé RXC is being developed

Is it also closed? Yes, from 2014 this will work Radical Coupé RXC at the start. The Radical X-treme Coupé, reminiscent of a closed LMP1 racing car, with two gullwing doors will be significantly wider at 1,950 mm than the previous top model Radical SR8 RX (1,790 mm). In addition to the racing car with a 650-hp V8, the V8 road variant with traction control and ABS is on the road. Just as with the Radical fans, there will be an increased plus in the future for the licensing officers and law enforcement officers in this country


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