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Radical Rapture lightweight sports car: Extreme and delightful

Radical Rapture
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W enn ein Audiences appreciate real driving machines, then that of the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood. No wonder that numerous sports car manufacturers present their innovations there. Above all, the local small series manufacturers let off steam in the garden of the Duke of Richmond. So does Radical, which is presenting its new top model in Goodwood: the Rapture.

Ford donated the 2.3-liter turbo

This is delightful - the German translation of the word Rapture Lightweight sports cars definitely, if not necessarily in the real sense. Cars like this one do not delight with their elegance or comfort, but they stand for pure, unfiltered driving at the highest speed. Judging by its data, the Radical Rapture is able to do this without any problems: It generates 355 hp, provides a maximum of 434 Newton meters and weighs only 765 kilograms when empty. The curb weight is only 2.1 kg /PS.

Ford donated the engine: The 2.3-liter turbo gasoline engine is used in the Mustang and the hot Focus variants, for example. It was given special treatment by Radical and now has an optimized turbocharger architecture and a new air inlet system. It transmits its power to the rear wheels via a six-speed gearbox with paddle shifters and automatic speed adjustment so that the Rapture sprints from zero to 60 mph (96.6 km /h) in three seconds. Radical specifies the top speed at 266 km /h.

There are even comfort features

A 4 is spanned over a lightweight tubular space frame with FIA-compliant safety cell and crash structure. 10 meter long, 1.79 meter wide and 1.13 meter high composite body. A windshield is available on request. With its attached and adjustable rear wing and the double underbody tunnel opening into the diffuser, the Radical Rapture is supposed to deliver maximum contact pressure. The dampers supplied by Intrax Racing for the Nik-Link wishbone suspension that is characteristic of Radical are also adjustable. The braking system works with 300 millimeter discs at the front and 280 millimeter discs at the rear; Four-piston calipers are used all around. The rims have a central lock.

Radical Sportscars
The Rapture interior even offers a few comfort features.

The two occupants take in the Radical Rapture in strongly shaped Racing seats with integrated headrests and multi-point seat belts. An LCD display with data logging functions serves as the information center. The steering wheel not only has a number of adjustment options, but is also heated so that you can take turns taking turns to your heart's content even in cold temperatures. In addition, the exterior mirrors are electrically adjustable. There is also a fire extinguisher on board.

Base price in Germany: 119,000 euros

The Radical Rapture is road legal in its home country of Great Britain as well as in the rest of Europe. It will soon be homologated for other markets. But it is also clear that this car belongs first and foremost on the racetrack - and should be moved there as skilfully as possible. That is why the price of every Rapture includes race track training. The manufacturer also promises that the car's setup can be wonderfully adapted to the respective route.

The order books for the Radical, which is available in both right and left-hand drive versions, will soon be opened. The price is 89,500 pounds plus VAT. Means: In Germany the Rapture will cost at least 119,000 euros. The first pre-orders from Germany and France should already be in place. If you want one, you shouldn't think too long.


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