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Prohibited hot Porsche 911 with Hemi-V8 front engine

Classic sports car with a Hemi V8 front engine
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U m to be precise, traditional 911 fans have to be stronger now than ever before. Because with this conversion everything that is sacred to them will be taken away: six-cylinder boxer, rear engine, the classic body shape - all gone. Instead, there is a massive Hemi-V8 front engine, no bonnet, wide slippers and a lot of aggressive aero parts.

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Yasid Design
Everything is very progressive here: spoilers, diffusers and tailpipes are no exception.

A roof? Nobody needs it. An oversized rear wing with an equally sized diffuser? Bring it on! In addition a roll cage to give the vehicle a shape that is at least reminiscent of the original vehicle. If only remotely. Because the rear no longer houses an engine, it can actually go straight away. More space for the said spoiler and two steeply towering tailpipes. The eight-cylinder with its air inlets protrudes no less monumentally from the front. This should be a bit of a hindrance for the view to the front, but probably nobody stands in the way of such a phenomenon anyway. It's good that at least “Porsche” can still be read on the tires, otherwise some people wouldn't even recognize what it was all about. Maybe also because of the tearful eyes, whether this iniquity.

Danton Arts Kustoms
Purists, don't be too early! The part is actually in the works.

If you wipe your tears away and look closely, you can breathe a sigh of relief even as a purist. What the French tuners from Danton Arts Kustoms have published there is just a deceptively real rendering. But the pulse quickly rises again when you peek in their workshop. Because there is actually a sawed-up 911 that is already carrying a Hemi-V8 for a walk. The ambitious screwdrivers call the project Half11. So far it is still a good deal of work before the 911 looks like it did on the retouching, but it is actually in the works.


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