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Prior Design McLaren 570S PD1: Aerodynamically regrinded

Prior Design McLaren 570S PD1
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The aerodynamic kit from the Kamp-Lintfort team is a perfect continuation of the sporty, dynamic design line of the sports car. The bow section of the M cLaren 570S should look even more aggressive thanks to the new apron with air guide fins and front spoiler, the associated side panels with air inlets and the fender attachments. Proir Design is upgrading the flanks with cupwings and extensions for the side skirts and new sideblades.

At the rear, a new diffuser and side parts for the rear apron with air inlets are integrated into the martially drawn rear view of the 570S. There is also an adjustable rear spoiler and a roof scoop. All add-on parts are made from high-quality carbon in an autoclave process.

The aerodynamic kit is supplemented by three-part light alloy rims with central locking optics of type PD3. They come in the dimensions 9x20 inches at the front and 11.5x21 inches on the rear axle. The tires measure 245/30 at the front and 305 /25.n at the rear. The conversion is rounded off by shorter sport springs from the H&R range.


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