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Porsche Koenig-Specials C62 on sale: Street legal racer

There are only three copies of the Porsche Koenig Specials C62. And although it's a real racing car, it's street legal. A copy is now for sale.

Porsche developed the 962 in 1984 on the basis of the FIA ​​Group C vehicle 956 in order to also be able to take part in the American IMSA racing series (IMSA: International Motor Sports Association). In order to meet the safety requirements required by IMSA, the pedals were moved behind the front axle and a roll cage reinforced the aluminum monocoque. A cost cap meant that the water-cooled biturbo boxer of the 956 had to give way - in the 962 the air-cooled six-cylinder boxer with only one turbo from the 935 was used. Porsche built around 90 examples - between 1984 and 1991 they won 51 championships, making the 962 one of the most successful racing cars. Small specialist companies also put a few street-legal 962s on wheels - examples are the Dauer 962 LM, the Schuppan 962CR , the DP 962, the Derek Bell Signature Edition Porsche 962 and the Koenig C62. Willy Koenig from Munich only built three copies - one of which is now for sale.

Bodywork completely original

The C62 is on offer in the USA, but Koenig registered it under German regulations at the time. While the car bears a strong visual resemblance to the original Porsche model, the custom builders have replaced every single body panel with their own. In order to get a German street legal, the tuners moved the headlights and the rear wing further up. The aerodynamic balance, which was disturbed by the rear wing's position, was restored by the tuners with a revised underbody. To make the road car easier to service compared to the race car, König incorporated a front hatch and a removable perspex hood at the rear. For the major service, however, the rear car paneling can still be completely removed, as with the racing car.

Almost a million dollars

Koenig built the C62 for sale in 1991 as a right-hand drive. The 3.4-liter engine delivers 650 hp, its power is transmitted to the rear axle via a manual gearbox. The mileage is 2,502 kilometers. The red street racing car is lined with blue synthetic leather on the inside. Issimi, a dealer specializing in super sports cars from Redwood City, 40 kilometers southeast of San Francisco, is now offering the roadworthy Koenig C62 for $995,000 (currently the equivalent of around €851,048).


The Koenig Specials C62 is one of the few real racing cars that are street legal. It is also one of only three built. That might justify the nearly $1 million asking price – though those interested in continental Europe must keep in mind that this car is right-hand drive.


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