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Porsche Heritage: New 911 with classic design elements

Porsche Heritage Design Strategy
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E There are few cars that combine classic and modern as consistently as the Porsche 911. Of course, there was a turning point in the history of the 911 from time to time - think of the switch from air to water cooling or from naturally aspirated to turbo engines. But basically the 911 has always remained true to itself: With the six-cylinder boxer installed in the rear and of course with its design, which is still strictly based on the silhouette of the original 911.

With corduroy, Pepita -Pattern or plaid

Porsche intends to use its own tradition even more in the near future. The sports car manufacturer is working on special models of the 992 series that reinterpret iconographic elements from models from the 1950s to 1980s. The new 911 Speedster gave a first glimpse at its presentation at the New York Auto Show in mid-April. He already had such a heritage design package. In future, these packages will be available as optional equipment for the 911 in different variants, each based on the 911 design from different decades. In addition, from next year there will be other special editions of the classic sports car in limited numbers.

In order to arrange the design elements as true to the original as possible, the employees of the Porsche design department have inspected the museum vehicles and removed the old paintwork. and get inspiration from equipment cards. Interior textiles such as corduroy or the contemporary patterns pepita, pascha and tartan (the latter is better known as 'tartan') play the main role. All of this will be redesigned and produced for the special models. But the Porsche Heritage Design is also visible on the exterior. The first 992 special model, which will debut in 2020, bears the traditional Porsche crest from the 1960s instead of the current emblem on the bonnet. By the way: Anyone who buys such a special model will be delighted with a matching watch including a chronograph function.

Opposite to hybrid and electric vehicles

Porsche has adopted the heritage design strategy not considered without reason. The cars and special 911 models equipped in this way are intended to be the opposite of the steadily growing crowd of plug-in hybrids in the Porsche portfolio and cars such as the electrically powered Taycan, which will also be launched in 2020. “The Heritage Design models are a deliberate addition to the hybrid and electric vehicles of the present and future, where technical innovationsin the foreground, ”says Boris Apenbrink, Head of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles. And according to Ivo van Hulten, Head of Interior Design Style Porsche, the manufacturer is “proving that Porsche will remain true to its roots even in the age of electrification”.


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