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Porsche GTS models: "reasonably expensive sports car"?

Porsche now offers a GTS model for all six series. But the label does not mean the same for every car. We decode the different talents of 911, 718, SUV, sedan and electric car.

Originally - so really "in the past" - the abbreviation GTS at Porsche stood for increased comfort in a sports car. It also makes sense, after all it means "Gran Tursimo Sport" when written out and accordingly describes "the long tour in a sporty car". Around 60 years ago, the 180 hp 904 Carrera GTS was the first Porsche ever to carry this additional designation. The reduced mid-engine sports car made its debut at the Solitude in Stuttgart in November 1963. Victories at the Targa Florio and in Monte Carlo followed. As you can see, the GTS footsteps are big. In this article we will find out whether the successors live up to their ancestor or whether GTS ultimately stands for "reasonably expensive sports car". larger wheels than conventional Carrera or S models. In addition, in 2007 the Zuffenhausen-based company presented the Cayenne of all things as the first GTS model of the modern era - and where it rolls over, there are no more footsteps anyway. But let's talk about the current offer. Today, the three letters no longer stand for increased comfort, but vice versa: for increased sportiness. However, the characteristics of each of the six models in the portfolio are different. From a pure marketing point of view, however, the concept works for everyone. A Porsche manager told auto motor und sport that customers feel most comfortable with an option that is in the middle of the range. This is exactly where the GTS models are at home. Positioned above the S variants and below the Turbo versions. A place in the hierarchy that doesn't make a buyer feel like they've made the wrong choice.

The 911 as GTS

Let's start with the icon. In the 911 offering, the GTS is the most expensive option to drive the base engine. The three-liter twin-turbo boxer delivers 480 hp (in the Carrera 385 hp, in the Carrera S 450 hp), also because it has larger turbochargers than the entry-level model. It takes 3.7 seconds to get to country road speed (3.3 seconds with all-wheel drive) and further up to a maximum of 311 km/h. But a 911 GTS costs around 20,000 euros more than the basic Carrera - at least, because there are five versions. The convertible and coupé are available with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, plus the Targa GTS, which is only available with all-wheel drive.

As standard, Porsche equips the GTS models of the 911 (and most of the GTS models from the other series) with black or darkened accents on the exterior.These include the headlights, the lettering, the rims, spoiler lips and the tailpipes of the sports exhaust system, which is also standard. The 911 GTS also comes with the Sport Design Package ex works with separate front and rear sections and the popular Sport Chrono Package. If you want to make the model variant more prominently visible on the inside, you can choose the GTS interior package with contrasting stitching and embroidery for around 4,000 euros. Because this is only available with carbon decor, a total of almost 7,500 euros is due for this selection. Incidentally, the fact that every GTS is automatically painted in the iconic carmine red is a fallacy. The communication color actually costs around 2,700 euros extra.,

The GTS 911 is not only defined by its standard equipment, but above all by what you can make of it. For example, there is a seven-speed manual transmission as a no-cost option. A treat that is otherwise only granted to the S models. However, the Zuffenhausen-based company has shortened the shift lever by ten millimeters in the GTS. What sets the GTS even further apart from its brand brothers is the optional lightweight package (otherwise only for turbo models ), which, among other things, saves a total of 25 kilos with carbon full bucket seats, thinner glass and the omission of the rear seats, and the characteristics of the GTS shifts even more in the direction of racetrack performance. This is complemented by the use of insulating material, which has already been reduced as standard, to make the driving experience more emotional, as the saying goes. The 911 GTS also borrows the brakes and chassis from the 911 Turbo.

The 718s as GTS

Let's take a look at the two-seaters on offer - 718 Cayman and Boxster. This is where the GTS models actually bring something very special into play. Something that every customer of these series should actually have. As a mid-engine, no four-cylinder whistles behind the seats, but the four-liter six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a smooth 400 hp from the GT4. Linked to a manual six-speed gearbox with double-declutching as standard. Yes, they still exist, the pure feel-good cars. At around 26,000 euros for the Boxster and 27,000 euros for the Cayman, the surcharge for the respective basic variant is even greater than for the 911. The Cayman GTS 4.0 is available from 85,000 euros, the six-cylinder Boxster costs at least 87,000 euros.,

Rein on the outside the 718s also have dark accents. Because Porsche is redesigning the rear section for the GTS variants, the two tailpipes of the standard sports exhaust system with flap control are moving apart. Would you like even more series scope? All right, if you please: Torque Vectoring with a mechanical rear differential lock, Sport Chrono Package, Porsche Active Suspension Management with a 20 millimeter lower ride height, adaptive engine mounts, Sport Response button, 20-inch model, and the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment.

Options include extras such as ceramic brakes, a Burmester sound system, the GTS interior package, CFRP full bucket seats, the eight-speed PDK and the usual assistants and customization from Porsche. Of course, a 718 GTS cracks the 100,000 euro mark in no time at all.,

The Taycan as a GTS

The newest family member in the GTS clan is the electric sports car Taycan , which is available as a sedan and as a station wagon crossover ( Sport Tourism) there. Here, too, Porsche positions the GTS variants between the S and Turbo models. The GTS borrows the two-motor drive from the latter, but without achieving its performance values. During the launch control, the Taycan GTS has 598 hp available in overboost, the continuous output is 380 kW (517 hp). In 3.7 seconds, the two body variants hum to 100 km/h. Despite this opulent performance, Porsche states the range of the all-wheel drive vehicle according to WLTP as around 500 kilometers.

For the GTS models, Porsche has tuned the adaptive air suspension to make it sportier in the sense of increased lateral dynamics and also modified the optional rear-axle steering, the sport driving mode and the electric sport sound. The Sport Chrono Package is also included as standard here. The same applies to the electrically adjustable adaptive sports seats with memory function. We probably don't have to mention black design accents again. With its lamella design, the rear diffuser corresponds to that of the Taycan Turbo models , 20-inch wheels are on the axles ex works.,

Porsche also offers 21-inch wheels as an option, for the interior of the Taycan GTS is of course also allowed the GTS interior package is not missing. As an exclusive option, there is a panorama roof whose transparency can be changed at the push of a button and which works via liquid crystals in a foil. It can be switched either completely transparent, completely dark or in predefined patterns. There is even a dynamic "roller mode" - for whatever reason. With a starting bid of around 132,000 euros, the Taycan GTS is a full 45,300 euros higher than the basic model, and the same applies to the Sport Tursimo GTS (from 133,000 euros).

The Macan as a GTS

The small SUV Macan behaves a little differently than the brand siblings. The GTS is the top model here because the turbo has been omitted since the last facelift. Technically, however, the Macan GTS is set up in exactly the same way as the Turbo was previously: with a 440 hp 2.9-liter V6 biturbo. The Macan also differs from the other GTS models in that the Sport Chrono Package is not included as standard, but it is the only Macan version to come with height-adjustable sports air suspension including adaptive dampers ex works. Stiffer springs, stronger stabilizers and a lowering of 10 millimeters place the SUV as a GTS more firmly on the road.

Instead of 20-inch wheels the Macan GTS has 21-inch wheels, behind which there is a standard brake system with a tungsten carbide layer for better performance while reducing brake dust at the same time. The all-wheel drive is specially tuned, with the control electronics sending the greatest possible power to the rear axle whenever possible. Like the 911 GTS, the Macan also comes with the Sport Design package ex works (unlike the 718 GTS models, for example).,

There is no GTS interior package for the Macan. Here, Porsche calls the corresponding option "GTS leather interior". There is an exclusive GTS sports package that includes torque vectoring, performance tires from Pirelli (P Zero Corsa) and the Sport Chrono Package. Thanks to the latter, the sprint value improves from 4.5 to 4.3 seconds. From the outside, a Macan GTS with a sports package can be recognized by its exclusive python green paintwork. Incidentally, the same color can also be booked for seat belts and contrasting stitching in the interior – unlike in the other GTS models, which only offer carmine red and chalk. The Macan GTS is available from around 90,000 euros, which is 25,585 euros more than the basic model.

The Cayenne as a GTS

The engine of the Macan GTS drives the S model of the big brother Cayenne. The Cayenne GTS (also as a coupe), on the other hand, represents the entry into the V8 world within its series and steals the supercharged eight-cylinder from the turbo . In the GTS versions, however, the four-liter delivers 460 instead of 550 hp (turbo), which means that the sprint to 100 km/h takes 4.1 seconds. If you have the Sport Chrono Package on board, it only takes 3.9 seconds.

Speaking of the Sport Chrono Package - here we have to distinguish between Cayenne and Cayenne Coupé . The latter has the Sport Chrono Package with driving mode switch and Sport Response button as standard and can also be configured with a lightweight package. This in turn includes a carbon roof, 22-inch forged wheels and seat centers made of fabric with a checked pattern. The coupe also has a rear bench with two individual seats, speed-dependent power steering, and a parking aid at the front and rear including a reversing camera.,

What both body variants have in common is the standard steel chassis with 20 millimeters lowering, the sportier active damper control, the torque Vectoring Plus and the Sport Design Pack. And yes, of course, the inevitable dark accents inside and out too. In addition to air suspension and ceramic brakes, there is also the option of tungsten carbide brakes, which come as standard with the Macan GTS. Exclusively in the GTS models of the Cayenne, the side bolsters of the sports seats are raised to provide more support when cornering at high speed. In addition, there is again the GTS interior package for the large SUV, which the Macan is not granted.Porsche is retuning the sound of the sports exhaust system especially for the GTS version of the Cayenne variants . As GTS versions, the Cayenne (from 81,240 euros) and Cayenne Coupé (from 88,260 euros) are almost 37,000 and 33,700 euros respectively higher than the basic models. The sporty versions of the SUV cost 118,000 euros and 122,000 euros.

The Panamera as GTS

The only thing left is the Panamera, which, like the Taycan, is available both as a sedan and as a Sport Turismo in the GTS version. The engine strategy is similar to that of the Cayenne series. The GTS is the eight-cylinder entry , but comes with 480 instead of 460 hp. Because the Sport Chrono Package is on board as standard, the sprint to country road speed takes 3.9 seconds. Both body variants of the Panamera GTS have adaptive air suspension as standard, as does Porsche Traction Management, which distributes the power in the all-wheel drive structure between the front and rear axles.,

For active roll stabilization, rear axle steering, Torque Vectoring Plus, GTS Interior package and ceramic brakes are surcharges, black 20-inch wheels (and yes, of course, corresponding accents inside and outside) are available directly with the GTS order. Because Porsche sees the Panamera as a car suitable for travel, the Zuffenhausen-based company has also given the GTS models adaptive cruise control and, for the first time in the series, a freely configurable head-up display.

Porsche would like to have at least 96,000 euros for the Panamera, for the Sport Tursimo, which is always equipped with all-wheel drive, it is at least 103,000 euros. At 143,300 and 146,200 euros, the corresponding GTS variants are 47,300 and 43,200 euros respectively more expensive than the basic models . This means that the highest GTS surcharge of all Porsche models is due for the Panamera sedan. As a little fun fact at the end, let's all say the full name of the GTS estate version three times in a row: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Gran Turismo Sport.,


Of course, such a GTS model is expensive - but not without reason. With the choice of equipment, Porsche creates a target group-specific desirability: the combination of suitability for everyday use and racing talent. The fact that a few expensive design flourishes are draped around it shouldn't bother customers. On the contrary.


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