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Porsche electronics tuning from Litchfield: 992 Carrera with 580 hp

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Porsche electronics tuning by Litchfield
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A even more than six months after the market launch of the new Porsche 911, 992 series, the turbo versions are still a long way off. Impatient and performance-hungry 911 fans alike can comfort themselves: Tuner Litchfield from Great Britain is now offering a performance upgrade with which the three-liter twin-turbo boxer of the Carrera versions can achieve the performance of a 911 Turbo.

Litchfield /Facebook
Thanks to Litchfield, the new 911 Carrera models have 580 hp and a maximum of 650 Nm in the data sheet.

All that is needed for this is an additional control unit that is coupled to the original engine electronics. Both the standard Carrera and the (4) S thus develop 580 hp and deliver a maximum torque of 650 Newton meters. At least when they are fed Shell V Power fuel. For comparison, the series data: 385 PS and 450 Newton meters (Carrera) or 450 PS and 530 Newton meters (S models). The 991.2 Turbo delivered 540 HP and a maximum of 660 Newton meters, while the S version had 580 HP and a maximum of 700 Newton meters in the data sheet.

Just as 'gentle and civilized' as the production engine

At the same time, Litchfield promises that the tuned engine will behave just as “gently and civilized” when driving as the standard twin-turbo boxer. Speaking of civilized: The net price of the electronics tuning is 995 pounds, the equivalent of just under 1,100 euros. Means that the 580 PS with German VAT can be had for a good 1,300 euros.

By the way, it won't stop with electronics tuning alone. New rear silencers based on Remus or Akrapovic systems thatBoth a power plus as well as weight savings and better sound will soon complement the Litchfield range for the Porsche 992 Carrera.


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