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Porsche boss Blume: The 911 remains a combustion engine

Porsche 911 (992)
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D Porsche has put a hybrid version of its legendary sports car on the Wants to put wheels is not that new. As early as the beginning of the year, Michael Steiner declared at Porsche, responsible for research and development, that they were not satisfied with the weight of the battery for a sports car like the 911. 'The platform is also made for hybrid powertrains,' he told British media, 'and we have a few prototypes, but it's not good in terms of weight.' The hybrid 911 weighs around 100 kilos more.

911 series boss Frank Walliser also said: 'Electrifying the 911 is very tricky. If I look at the vehicle layout as a 2 + 2-seater, the large trunk in the front and the rear engine, it is very difficult to bring an adequate electrification without destroying the character and the look of the 911 '. The same applies to a fully electric Porsche 911 not expected before 2030.

Porsche boss Oliver Blume underlined this again in an interview with Bloomberg: 'Let me be clear, our symbol, the 911, will have an internal combustion engine for a long time to come. The 911 is a concept of the car prepared for the internal combustion engine. It doesn't make sense to combine it with pure electric mobility. We believe in specially developed cars for electric mobility. 'A hybrid version could, however, be available to buyers by the end of the 911 product cycle from 2026.

Performance version with around 700 hp?

From well-informed circles it is said that various options are currently being worked on. A plug-in version is not yet completely off the table, although a mild hybrid version is favored. The electric range, for example for driving into Urban environmental zones as the performance idea in the foreground. Accordingly, the 911 with electric assistance should generate around 700 hp and 1,000 Nm torque.

In addition to the Porsche 911 as a hybrid, the electrification of the 718 models is also on the agenda Here it is not yet clear whether the Zuffenhausen-based company will use plug-in hybrids or also mild hybrids to increase performance.By the way: With 650 hp, the Turbo is currently the most powerful model in the 911 series - you can see it in the Photo show.


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