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Porsche 935 from Kremer and dp Motorsport: Mario Andretti's gold piece

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Porsche 935 from Kremer and dp Motorsport
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Before we address the initial question, let's first take a look at what exactly we are dealing with here . His career began with the P orsche in 1985 as a comparatively civilian 930 Turbo, but soon set off on the trip to the Kremer brothers to recharge their batteries. 200 hp to be precise. They came into the stable with new camshafts, a new turbocharger and a new intercooler. In total, the Porsche had 500 hp.

rmc Miami
The wide rear area houses a 3.3-liter six-cylinder boxer that has been boosted to 500 hp.

A proven team

Then the native of Zuffenhausen ended up with dp Motorsport. As you can see, the 930 only sought out the most prestigious addresses for Porsche tuning at the time. Both Kremer and dp Motorsport had made a name for themselves with conversions and customer sports vehicles. For example, the Kremer 935 K3 won the 1979 24h of Le Mans, there were further successes to celebrate at Sebring and Daytona. And what does that have to do with dp Motorsport? Well, the racing body of the successful car came from the same company from Overath - just like the body of our 935.

The Slant Nose - factory name 'Flachbau' - comes from dp Motorsport, as do the fenders with additional ventilation openings and the wide buttocks. In the 80s, Porsche installed the so-called low-rise building on the 911 Turbo at the customer's request to give it that certain somethingof racing look on offer. In this configuration, a 930 became a 935. Preserved originals are rare and correspondingly expensive. This option was especially popular in the USA and apparently also with racing driver Mario Andretti. This car was built for him, as can be seen from the corresponding sticker in the door frame. Not originally from Porsche, but no less chic.

rmc Miami
Who wouldn't want to get into that? ? Motorsport outside, comfort inside.

Motorsport for everyday life

The tasteful look is made up of the successful combination of dark blue paintwork, gold accents and custom-made BBS rims. Inside, on the other hand, it's more comfortable than racing. Air conditioning and CD radio have been retrofitted, beige leather runs through the entire cockpit. If you will, the optimal implementation of everyday motorsport feeling. The performance-optimized 3.3-liter six-cylinder boxer has a little more than 36,000 miles on the clock and is therefore still in its infancy in terms of mileage.

The question remains why its owner is now selling the car want? Is the garage full? In any case, we would prefer to commission an extension, but maybe that's a reason for you to be happy? The prerequisite is $ 325,000, which the provider Real Muscle Classics & Exotics would like to have in Miami.


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