Porsche 928 Design Concept from HAW Hamburg

In the master’s degree in vehicle construction, five students from the Hamburg Wagenbauschule thought about what the Porsche 928 should look like today.

The head of Porsche 928 development at the time, Anatole Lapine, graduated from the Wagenbauschule Hamburg in 1951, which today belongs to the University of Applied Sciences (HAW). So it's not surprising that you feel connected to the V8 sports car there. This year the school celebrates its 125th anniversary. For this reason, a look at the history was taken to find a topic for various projects. Can Eren, Frieder Hens, Joshua Höhnl, Prasad Langhe and Andy Prodöhl have taken on the Zuffenhausen icon under the direction of Prof. Friedhoff. Central question: What should a Porsche 928 be and look like today, i.e. 44 years later. Which technical requirements apply today and how can they be translated into a 928?,

In tune with the times

The work is based on original technical drawings from the development period of the 928 and various reference vehicles. It goes without saying that people are also looking at the 911 - after all, it's still being built successfully to this day. A comparison of the 964 series with the current generation shows that the sports car icon has grown by more than 13 percent in width. In relative terms, the growth in the new 928 is not quite as drastic, but in absolute terms it is. After all, the original was already significantly more expansive than the 911 in the 1970s (1.61 meters to 1.84 meters body width). The design concept is an impressive 1.94 meters wide - wheelbase, length and overhangs, however, remain at the level of the original model. Only the rear apron hangs lower and of course the wheels have grown. This design principle is popular in the world of sports cars: wider, flatter and decent slippers underneath. The Master's students are therefore very close to the contemporary vehicle conceptual reality.

Of course, the design consideration in this work is much more dedicated than making something "wide and flat". After all, it's about translating a classic into the modern design language of a brand that almost everyone on the street recognizes without a trace. The basic finding: The 928 deviates from classic Porsche attributes such as the fenders that protrude over the bonnet or the strongly pronounced shoulders. With its flat hood, the transaxle GT has a distinctive feature, so it definitely had to be retained in the concept.,

Between classic and modern

The same applies to the forward-sloping B-pillar, with the light graphics the students, on the other hand, clearly orientate themselves towards the current four-point headlights from Porsche.The rear lights, on the other hand, take up the design of the original 928 in terms of shape, but appear as fine LED strips in a contemporary way. The depth of engagement with the original artwork extends to every vehicle component, right down to the location of the turn signals and air intakes. Always in a balancing act between 928, 911 then and 911 today.,

The main lines with all surfaces, edges and radii in the interior essentially correspond to those of the real V8 athlete. But even the Taycan cannot deny its influence here. The instruments are digital, the massive steering wheel is reminiscent of the original, but has a logo in the middle instead of the Porsche lettering. What remains the same is the diameter of 370 millimeters. A central 10.25-inch touchscreen serves as the infotainment interface, and there is a small knob on the center console, as can also be found in the 911 (992). The students also thought about saving costs by using a common part strategy. The suffix to the name of the concept design R2025 is a planned year for the launch of the 928 offspring. So, Porsche - you know what to do!,


The fact that Porsche sells a lot of SUVs these days shows that there is still room for other vehicle designs besides the 911. So why not a 928 reissue with a V8 front engine? If it is designed as precisely and in line with the brand as the draft by the HAW Hamburg students, then there would definitely be fans.


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