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Porsche 911 GT3 Manthey performance kit for 45,000 euros

For ambitious times chasers, Porsche is working with Manthey on a performance kit for the GT3. This reduces the Nordschleife time by more than four seconds.

For Porsche customers who use their 911 GT3 on the circuit and work on personal best times, Porsche is now launching a performance kit for the 510 hp sports car. It is distributed by Porsche Tequipment and was developed in cooperation with Manthey. Porsche impressively showed what the upgrade brings with a reference lap. With Porsche works driver Kévin Estre at the wheel, the modified GT athlete lapped the 20.8-kilometer circuit in the Eifel in 6:55.737 minutes - 4.19 seconds faster than the standard 911 GT3 a year earlier.,

This is achieved Improvement exclusively via optimized aerodynamics and a newly tuned chassis. There is no more power for the drive train. The Manthey performance kit brings a larger front lip and side flaps to the front of the GT3. Together with the modified air deflectors on the underbody, these increase downforce on the front axle. The modifications in the rear area are even clearer. The wing of the 911 GT3 with gooseneck suspension is wider and now has a gurney flap. The end plates with the distinctive Manthey logo have been increased, as has the wing's angle of attack. The fins of the rear diffuser have been lengthened and are now made of CFRP. Wheel covers (aerodiscs) on the rear wheels, also made of CFRP, further improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Sharpened suspension

The new four-way coilover suspension is specially designed for use on the circuit. The spring struts are four-way adjustable, rebound and compression can be adjusted without tools. The moderately adjusted spring rates (plus ten percent on the front axle, minus seven percent on the rear axle) contribute to improved driving behavior in the limit area without requiring any compromises in everyday suitability.,

A lightweight forged wheel set is optional for the Porsche 911 GT3 Available with 20 and 21 inch rims. These reduce the unsprung masses by a total of 7.3 kilograms. They are available in brilliant silver, dark silver, neodyme and black (satin finish). The kit comes standard with a steel braided brake line set. Special racing brake pads are optionally available for the Porsche GT3 with Manthey Performance Kit. Door projectors and illuminated door sills with the Manthey logo contribute to visual customization. A tow loop is also part of the kit.

The Manthey Performance Kit from Porsche Tequipment can now be ordered at prices starting at EUR 37,911 plus tax (which makes around EUR 45,114). Deliveries will begin in autumn 2022. The factory warranty for the 911 GT3 is fully maintained even with the performance kit installed.


For customers who drive their GT3 like a race and who care about every second, Porsche is launching a performance kit that optimizes aerodynamics and chassis. In the hands of a pro, the kit takes over four seconds on the Nordschleife. The potential for the additional speed allows Porsche to pay more than 45,000 euros.


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