Porsche 911 GT3 in Le Mans look from 1985

Racing driver Paolo Barilla, together with the Porsche special request department, gave himself a new 911 GT3 in the old guise for his birthday.

One likes to look back on successes, especially as a racing driver. The pleasant feeling of being the first to cross the finish line is still of a rather fleeting nature - but with the necessary change you can remedy it. Paolo Barilla (yes, the one with the pasta) became the overall Le Mans winner in 1985 with a privately entered Porsche 956. On the occasion of his 60th birthday, he gave himself a very special present in cooperation with the Porsche special requests department . The Exclusive Manufaktur team has wrapped a current 911 GT3 in the guise of the former winning car.

Rims in gold and white

The stripe design of the historic racing car is now also applied to the 992 in summer yellow, white and black. Including the starting number 7 at the time, of course. Because the 956 had white aero covers on the front wheels at the time, the front rims of the reinterpretation are also white, while golden rims glitter on the rear axle. The sideblades on the rear spoiler are a custom-made product that is only available on this car so far. The same applies, for example, to the door sills, which show a stylized silhouette of the racing car next to the type code 856.,

The interior is black, with the lettering on the door sills repeated on the headrests as an accent, surrounded by the Le Mans racetrack -Contour. Porsche describes the shift lever as an elaborate custom-made product. It is meant to be reminiscent of the magnesium ball of the 956 and was milled from an aluminum block. Three years have passed from the first sketch to the finished car, which means that the development of the predecessor GT3 had started - after all, the 992 was still in the middle of series development at this point.,


Pasta manufacturer Paolo Barilla gave himself a present for his 60th birthday. His 911 GT3 went through the special request program at Porsche for three years, from sketch to completion. Now the sports car is reminiscent of the 956 from 1985 with which Barilla was overall winner at Le Mans.


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