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Porsche 911 GT2 RS 991 (2) (2017): market launch, price, ride

Rossen Gargolov
Porsche 911 GT2 RS 991 (2) (2017) - ride
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Z u Market launch and price

Crouching low, black as a stealth bomber and with a wing that does any jet fighter credit, he stalks approach - even in town this 911 looks dangerously fast. The best thing: it stops in front of me and I can get on. On the wrong side, but at the wheel is Uwe Braun, Project Manager Overall Vehicle for the GTs. He can talk so extensively about the new over-911 that you have to take notes. And that doesn't get along well with driving a car - especially not in the “Klitschko variant” of the 911, as Braun puts it.

What he means: “A GT2 always scratches the limit of being overpowered Bums in every situation ”. In numbers? Over 650 PS, outside of Porsche there is even talk of almost 700 PS. In any case, more than 750 Nm, which should hit a weight of less than 1500 kilograms - the GT2 is a turbo without all-wheel drive. The front hood, front fenders and parts of the rear are made of carbon, the roof is made of magnesium, and with the Weissach package also the rims - brings another 12 kilograms. In addition, the inside of the cage is made of titanium (minus 3 kilograms) and the stabilizer is made of carbon fiber composite (5 kilograms weight saving). And for the look, parts of the hood are then made of visible carbon.

Rossen Gargolov

Our prototype doesn’t have any of that yet, but the red Alcantara interior, which has already made the customers of the previous model very fuzzy. The bucket seats and the cage are familiar from the GT3, and the red loop instead of the inside door handle also looks familiar. The speedometer even says “GT2 RS”, poorly camouflaged by a strip of black adhesive tape on the windshield in front of the classic analogue instruments. That the speed, as for a long time with Porsche imInfield of the speedometer is displayed digitally, proves to be helpful.

The engine of the 911 GT2 RS makes no noise, but it throws flames

Because the powerful thrust of the biturbo boxer in the rear does not really reduce the missing Weissach package. We stroll along the A8 at 150 km /h in the morning traffic and the passenger is busy taking notes. When the sentence is finished, the Fürstenfeldbruck exit is behind us, the left lane has just become free and the speedometer shows - hex, hex - 277 km /h. Two hundred and seventy-seven!

“A GT2 must effortlessly and quickly reach 300 km /h and be able to accelerate at a similar rate. That is why we paid attention to good aerodynamics in all efforts to achieve downforce. The GT3 RS, for example, runs into an invisible wall at some point, ”explains Braun. Downforce and aerodynamics - the sweeping rear wing mounted far to the rear is essential for this. And at the front, the engineers have come up with a special ventilation system for the standard PCC brake: Inlets on the hood direct air through channels in the body to the ceramic discs - this creates less lift than the usual air blades directly on the brake. The ventilation is provided by lush slits on the back of the fenders, the final shape of which will only be revealed by the production car. The GT2 also achieves the 300 kg downforce of the GT3, but not like this one at 310, but at the top speed of 340 km /h. Nevertheless, there is no trace of unrest.

Also, no high-speed screeches startled the occupants, only the sonorous, authoritarian sound from the rear suddenly mixes with a few racing car-like overtones. “The flap exhaust opens either at the push of a button (from approx. 3000 rpm) or at full load. Then it ensures zero exhaust back pressure. If we drove behind us at night, we could see the cats glowing red. And during tests in Dubai, 50 centimeter flames came out of the tailpipes, ”says Braun, unmoved by the excesses of the power monster. Although there are no tailpipes in the classic sense - there is no space for that: Directly after the rear silencers of the completely new exhaust system including the newly developed manifold, only the flap comes. You can see its kinematics and the control levers through the panels in the rear apron. With an RS, performance has priority over beautiful details.

Cup tires, but no all-wheel drive

The engine itself has different pistons that can cope better with the pressure of the larger VTG loaders should. Compared to the 997 GT2, the adjustable loading shovels are said to have significantly improved the drivability of the turbo engine, which rotates up to a good 7000 rpm. At least it doesn't seem to have harmed consumption: Even after the motorway stage with several acceleration maneuvers to the highest speeds above 300 km /h, the on-board computer does not show 16 to the decimal point.

Motorway, long curves, highestSpeeds are the parade disciplines of the new GT2 RS - why hasn't Porsche designed it as a classic GT again and only offers it as an RS? “We noticed that our previous GT2 customers have been out on the circuit a lot more than we would ever have thought. That's why there is only PDK. With such a performance-oriented car, we didn't even think about a manual gearbox variant, ”explains Braun.

The standard sprint succeeds in less than three seconds, even without all-wheel drive. “With the cup tires in N2 mixture, it no longer brings any advantage, except of course when it is wet. But we were able to save the additional weight, ”explains Braun. The GT2 RS, on the other hand, also has all-wheel steering, which brings enormous benefits in terms of driving dynamics, says Braun. Which is what distinguishes the Mercedes AMG GT R from its more civilian variants.

Water for the intercooler

So that the GT RS can continuously deliver its power on the racetrack even at high temperatures he has a small water tank under the front hood and a few nozzles in front of the intercoolers. With the water spray, the intake air can always be cooled down to performance-enhancing temperatures. You don't need that on public roads to be illegal. 'Even on race tracks you have to adapt first, otherwise you are too fast before every bend,' says Braun.

Rossen Gargolov

Difficult to imagine. Because the chassis acts like an asphalt magnet even on uneven country roads. The chassis philosophy has now been brought much closer to that of racing cars. “We have roughly doubled the spring rate at the front compared to the GT3 and increased it by around 50 percent at the rear.” In return, the adaptive dampers are more flexible, “because the tire must not lose contact with the road, even with the harder suspension,” says Braun. Nevertheless, the comfort is surprisingly good, even in urban areas, when the GT2 strolls around with only 1500 revs. Manhole covers arrive clearly on the inside, but by no means as blows.

But that was least of all the GT2 RS. “We wanted to show what is possible with the 911 concept. After all, the competition never sleeps, ”said Braun, referring to the Mercedes-AMG GTR . On the Nordschleife, Porsche wants to significantly undercut the lap time of the 911 GT3 RS (7:11 minutes). So that could go up to seven minutes.

The price of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS (991.2)

The new Porsche 911 GT2 RS will make its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​at the end of June, and it will be available to its first customers from October. How many buyers there will be has not yet been determined, but the GT2 RS will again be a small series with a fixed upper limit. The cost pressure is also high for GT vehicles and tools for the special parts become cheaper if they do not have to be designed for mass production. In addition, typing a small series leaves a little more leeway.

What the as yet unknown number of buyers will have to pay is also still unknown. A Mercedes AMG GT R is on the list with a good 165,000 euros, the standard ceramic brakes on the GT2 RS and a few larger rims make it a good 174,000 euros. The new GT2 RS probably has about 100 hp more and should outperform the Mercedes in the Nordschleife time - it will also do the same in terms of price. The predecessor, limited to 500 pieces, already cost around 240,000 euros in 2010. Anyone who wants a used 997 GT2 RS now has to make a good 100,000 euros more easily. The new GT2 RS (991.2) could at least stay well below that.


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