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N a, dear 911 fans? Do you still hear it? Your moaning when Porsche planted turbo engines in the rear of the 911 around two years ago? No? Just. Because they made the classic better, faster, more efficient and expanded its spectrum. Now the next step is approaching, and you will complain again. Because the sports car of all sports cars must by no means become heavier. But it will.

Last test kilometers with the new 911, series 992. Also there: auto motor und sport.

“Yes, the weight is increasing,” confirms August Achleitner, sports car series manager at Porsche. Although it was possible to save a few kilograms on the body, among other things, the new gearbox and the more complex exhaust gas cleaning process add a few more kilograms. How much in total? No comment, homologation is pending. We estimate: around 30 to 50 kilograms. And yet negligible. Because the 911 generation 992 rages through curves with unbroken pleasure. How do we know? Achleitner and his team take us on the last test kilometers that they are currently unwinding in California. Primarily to apply the assistance systems to the point. And wailing again, right? Yes, the 911 even has lane keeping and night vision assistants. Simply because it works. Oh, there is also a parking assistant with a 360 degree view. “The front camera weighs 80 grams, the necessary cables 20 grams. So you canmake “, says test manager Alex Ernst - and accelerates.

The new 911 is getting heavier - but what does that mean for the driving experience?

Then , finally: curves instead of straight lines, sun instead of damp haze. Load. The boxer engine increases in its hoarseness to the typical scream just before the gear change, smack, the next one is in. Manually? Gladly, but only with the shift paddle, not with the selector lever. They have shrunk it into a design accessory. And the driving experience? More spicy, sharper. Because the front lane is 20 millimeters further on each side, the slight understeering of the current Carreras sweeps away. And because the rear stabilizer can now be softer, the relieved rear wheel on the inside of the curve maintains contact with the ground for longer. Which is why the 305 millimeter wide 21-inch tires can convert more power into propulsion. And you notice all that on the steering wheel, at the same time you always know exactly what is happening on the front axle thanks to the transparent steering, pull the thickly coated sandwich from the lunch box and approach the next bend even faster. The 911 stops. An idea better than before, always with the typical Porsche feeling of being integral components of the sports car experience.

Only the tachometer remains analogue

You sit deep in it, on optimally adjustable sports seats As always, at the perfect distance from the small sports steering wheel and the pedals, you look at the central rev counter, the only analog of a total of five clearlydelimited round instruments. The two outer ones are covered by the steering wheel rim, but the designers really wanted them. It's good that they don't provide any data relevant to driving. In the rear, the boxer version of the S, which is the first to hit the market, continues to rage with rear or all-wheel drive. Launch-controlled, the 992 should spurt from standstill to 100 km /h in around 3.7 seconds, the current model takes 3.9 seconds. What could hardly be more irrelevant for the hero of the country road. Yes, the Porsche stays that way as the 992.

Minimal growth

Yes, there is quiet moaning again. It must have gotten bigger, right? Well, two inches in length, five millimeters in height. The wheelbase remains unchanged at 2.45 meters, the width corresponds to today's GTS at 1.85 meters. The Carrera doesn't get any narrower even without the S, only the turbo is wider. So no whining necessary. Incidentally, not on the transmission issue either. Those who do not want to accept the extra weight of the PDK can still order a manual seven-speed gearbox. Incidentally, only US customers make a significant number of them. So don't complain, you 911 fans. The 992 will be great.


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