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On the go in the Evomax Max11: Fast 964 turbo restomod

Evomax builds Porsche restomods in the form of a 964 Turbo and christens them Max11. The principle is known? Well - you certainly don't know it like that.

In recent years, one could get the impression that the steadily increasing number of restomod Porsches cannibalize the charm of those exclusive conversions that we used to look at with childish ecstasy. Today, such a a singer creation wrings at most a benevolent smile from us - how quickly one becomes blunted. But fortunately, the southern German company Evomax has devised an extremely effective remedy against this development.,

It's called Max11, carries the cup machine of the 997 GT3 in the rear and is in a very tasteful robe made of Kevlar and carbon. However, the petrol blue coupe is only half the truth, because it is joined by the first completed customer vehicle. A gray Targa with air-cooled 993 boxer and lovingly discreet interior. Both have gathered in an inconspicuous hall, and not even the call of Turbo in the back corner succeeds in stealing even a µ of the show from the backdate models. Even better: both are ready for a first ride.

Vacuum cleaner in a turbo guise

Mathieu Wöhrle from Evomax can't hide his pride: "The 964 Turbo simply has the most beautiful shape. And if you then pack modern technology underneath it, you have the perfect car." Classic and modern - a concept that works almost everywhere. From the furnishing of the holiday home to the TV programme. In the case of Evomax, the classic forms the form, but racing technology for road use slumbers hidden underneath. The feeling is disturbing at first, then eye to brain reports: "Warning, you're sitting in a 911 Turbo from the 1980s. So the Lutzie goes off at 4,000 rpm." But the on-off mentality of the sudden turbo punch is missing. Starting off in first gear is an unmistakable warning. Translated ultra short and ultra poisonous, it takes a moment to get used to not stalling the Max11 in the yard while the racing clutch surprises the left leg with an unexpected workout.,

Evomax has replaced the rev counter with a digital in-house development. It also works as a shift light, because with increasing revolutions the pixels of the dial turn from yellow to orange and finally to red before the limiter gives the party crasher. The machine revs up to 8,750, with the maximum output of 460 hp already being available at seven five. On the road, this means that even an intermediate sprint in second gear sounds like a track day. Of course, it's not just an acoustic alarm that's announced, because the linear power development of the free-breathing boxer presses the driver and front passenger mercilessly into the GT seats. A certain attention to detail intensifies the sensual experience.For example, Evomax designed the digital tachometer in such a way that the virtual pointer trembles when idling. Sounds like little, but makes a big difference.

Stiff and light

As brilliant as the backdrop is, the car remains so controllable. "What you see here isn't really a cage, it's a cell. The struts go straight to the axle, front and back," Mathieu tries to yell at the boxer saws and titanium exhaust system. The Max11 lets you feel the immense rigidity with every steering impulse. The car reacts completely free of roll when cornering and doesn't even bat an eyelid when accelerating out of the curves, while the driver strums quite a bit at the show he is being given. In action, the chassis with the fully variable coilover suspension excellently underscores the demand for everyday racing fun. You can't help but get used to the crisp six-speed manual transmission after just a few minutes while you watch the world pass you by on the simple three-spoke steering wheel. If your gaze wanders through the carbon-decorated cockpit, the carbon-fiber decor pushes an obvious question into the convolutions of the brain: "What does a Max11 actually weigh?" It's just 1,180 kilos.,

It all sounds like it couldn't get any better - and then you get into the Max11 Classic. You smell the oil in the circuit, listen devoutly to the dull, hoarse sound and wince when you put it into first gear. A short Boris Becker memory follows. How? am i in yet Yes, Bobbele - but instead of a website, this is the gateway to the very real world. With such crisp shifts, it's hard to believe at first that the gears themselves are noticeably longer compared to the Max11 described above. The Targa, which will find its home with a collector from the Netherlands, turns out to be the perfect cruiser for everyone who wants to know it from time to time.

Dr. Targa and Mr. Hyde

It is by no means the case that the engine, which has been enlarged to a displacement of 3.8 liters, lacks temperament. With its 330 hp, the Classic version is definitely capable of full acceleration. But the nature of the car does not demand it as much as that in the petrol blue tomboy. The Targa can be just as extravagant a daily driver as a stationary decoration in the gravel driveway. The interior in light brown and black also supports the impression. While the basic layout remains close to the original template from Zuffenhausen, Evomax also accommodates its own ideas here. There are two simple loops on the inside of the doors - one to pull them shut and one to open them again. There is no place for ostentation and pomp - understatement is the order of the day.,

It is absolutely amazing what different characters Evomax is able to conjure up in the carbon-formed shell of the 964 Turbo. "The most important thing is a good and accident-free base vehicle, because with a body made of carbon you have no leeway for warped parts. We focused on 964 and 993, but if you bring us an F-model, we will build you one too Max11. However, you have to stretch the standing plates by almost two centimeters all around, so it takes a little longer in this case," explains Wöhrle. The team estimates that it will take around twelve months to complete one of the limited to 99 copies worldwide. The short time at the wheel of number 1 already suggests that everyone should find a taker.,

The sun gradually sinks behind the still leafless trees on the side of the road, while the Targa forgets its restraint under partial load and is happy in the higher speed spheres intones one of the most beautiful country road melodies that a sports car can intonate. Perfectly orchestrated by the Evomax exhaust system, we celebrate the ride up to 7,100 rpm with a swelling crescendo. The goal, however, is a sad one, because it goes back into the hall and we have to say goodbye to each other. It will not be goodbye forever, because there is also a car in that hall that currently bears an alarming resemblance to the design of a Polo Harlequin. "Our next project and the third body shape alongside the Coupé and Targa will be a Speedster. We're still working on the right design at the moment," explains Mathieu. He adds with a wink: "Then we'll give him the four-liter machine." Of course, we take that as an invitation. Get in touch for the maiden voyage - you have our number.,


The first finished vehicles from Evomax predict a great career for the backdate Porsches from Markgröningen. The concept works - you take the most pleasing 911 shape and fill it with uncompromising racing technology or unrivaled nonchalance, depending on the customer's taste. In any case, lightweight construction, workmanship and a tasteful interior ensure a good mood. So far, the Max11 models have been a real insider tip, but it won't stay that way for long. There should be 99 copies and 99 buyers should be found quickly.


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